Tuesday, November 29, 2011

love him

Being a mom is hard work. I really don't even understand how I get through the day sometimes. And thinking about adding ANOTHER one into the mix almost makes me doubt reality...am I going to get more hours in the day to get everything done? NOPE.

That's where I think Dad's come in.

And thankfully Jeff is a FANTASTIC dad. The dad "knack" definitely doesn't happen overnight, but he's become a great help to me, especially with this pregnancy and the lack of energy I've got. He's such a good dad to Wyatt, and the perfect husband to me. He's the ultimate handy-man, he cleans the house, AND he gives me all sorts of rubs--back rubs, foot rubs, all-over-the-place-because-it-all-aches rubs...

He's great.

And sometimes I feel like I don't give him enough credit or love for all that he does. I think a lot of the time I get caught up in how much I do, and focus all my attention on how much responsibility I have, that I forget to be grateful for what he does. I love him a lot, and I'm so thankful to have someone who cares about me as much as he does. Thank you sweetheart.

So anyway, here's his handy-man skills in action:
...it's the progression of our Christmas present (to each other) being put up:
(We took the top part of the entertainment center off and it's opened up the room so much more! We love it!)

Helping Daddy with something...

And YES!! We got our Christmas tree!! LOVE IT!

...only 26 more days left to Christmas!

Monday, November 28, 2011


I know I'm a little behind, but Thanksgiving time was a little crazy around here :)
We started off the morning taking Jeff to the Turkey Bowl, the annual tradition he and his friends have, playing tackle football...the ONE time in the year he actually gets to play rough. I never really understood the enjoyment of playing tackle, since Jeff always comes home with some sort of injury, and then he's sore for the next few days, but...he LOVES it. WHATEVER. I went to my parent's house with Wyatt for breakfast and enjoyed one of my favorites--crepes.

Then we headed over to my in-laws and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast...all the tables were set up outside so we could appreciate the beautiful weather. Jeff left right after dinner to go stand in line at Target...that was at 4pm, and it didn't open until midnight. He's crazy, I know, but he wanted to make sure he got the TV we wanted. Even at 8 hours early, he was number 20 in line, with only 25 TV's...we were lucky to get it! He said it was worth it though...
So while he was standing in line, freezing his butt off with random strangers, I was spending time with family and working up a sweat playing the X-Box Kinect...my sister-in-law, Meaghan, is also pregnant, just a few weeks behind me, so I'm sure it was a funny sight to see the both of us running in place and jumping over "hurdles."
We both decided that if we ever need help going into labor, that we'd just need to play that game. We basically died.

Then when everyone had gone home, and Wyatt was ready for bed, I headed out to join Jeff, and even though I got there a few hours before it opened, the line was HUGE!! It literally took me an hour to get inside the store! Now, granted, they weren't letting everyone in at once--only 30 people at a time every 15 seconds...but still! AN HOUR!! Ridiculous. We got a few other deals there and that ended our black friday shopping. There was NO WAY I was headed anywhere near a mall or a Wal-mart...

...although...we did go to IKEA later that day to get Wyatt's bunk bed! We're just waiting to paint his new room before we put it up...so hopefully in the next few weeks! 

This Thanksgiving break was absolutely wonderful and we enjoyed spending so much time with all our family and friends...hope you all had a good Thanksgiving too!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

all they need are aprons...

The other night, Jeff invited over one of his long-time friends, Jesse, and his wife and baby boy, Stacie and Graham. Jeff had decided that we'd keep it pretty low-key and just play games and hang out. 

Oh, and make dessert.

Unfortunately for him, I wasn't in the baking mood, so I told him I didn't want to make anything, and that I'd just buy some cookie dough at the store (who? ME?? I know, I know...get over it, I'm pregnant.) Jeff INSISTED though that he'd rather make homemade cookies, "Oh, I'll do it! Just make sure we have all the ingredients and a recipe..." 

(...this is where you insert a big eye-roll from me...
...because sooner or later in his baking process I was sure to be a part of it...)

SO, while I was out grocery shopping I just happened to stop by the baking goods isle...and found a mix for key lime bars!! His favorite! How could he possibly resist?
...which, of course, he couldn't...and didn't....

So anyway, while Stacie and I sat in the living room and lounged, the guys baked up a storm of key-lime bars and peanut butter brownies

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Somehow Wyatt has managed to keep himself free from physical injury these past 2 years.. Sure, there's been a few bruised foreheads, and a couple scraped knees, but who wouldn't get those when you're first trying to learn to walk??? We haven't had to deal with any blood-curdling screams, no seriously bleeding wounds, no uncontrollable crying (knock on wood...)

This kid cracks me up...
A few days ago while I was making breakfast on the stove, Wyatt (who likes to watch and so he stands next to me on a stool) started saying, "Ow! Ow! Hot! Hot!" and then would kiss his fingers. Because I'd been watching the stove the entire time and he wasn't close enough to even get a real feel of the hotplate, I said, "Wyatt, you're fine. You didn't touch the stove, but yes, it is hot." He kept whining though, and I thought it was just because he was impatient to actually eat.

WELL, as we're sitting down eating breakfast, he kept repeating "Ow, ow, ow!" and wanted me to kiss his fingers better. At this point I thought he was crazy, so I grabbed his fingers and started looking at them one by one...of COURSE I didn't see anything at first, but then when I went to kiss them to make him "feel better" I noticed one of his fingers was red. I started to freak out, racking my brain to figure out when he could have possibly touched the stove, and getting after myself for not believing him...

...as it turns out though, upon further investigation I noticed it wasn't a burn at all, but a big, fat splinter...waaaaay deep into his finger. 
GREAT. Even better.

So although it wasn't major, Wyatt got to experience his first true owie, alcohol, bandaid and all... and I got to hold him in a vice grip while I tried to extract the sucker with a pin and tweezers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 years!

From newborn...

 ...to one year...
(I forgot how long his baldness lasted, haha!)

...to today...

It's Wyatt's birthday and he's 2!! Say whaaaat??!

(Yes, we are lame parents and didn't have a real candle to stick in his cake...and no, it's not even real cake--it's homemade pumpkin bread with homemade whipped cream. So...just as good? I'm sure he'll get enough real cake when we visit the grandparents.')

Wyatt's big gift this year is going to be the bunk beds we plan on getting soon! I can't believe he's already big enough for a big bed!! I'm sad to move him out of his crib, but we've gotta make room for the new baby! 

We did get him a few other things though:

It's a book combining 2 of his favorite things: the alphabet and animals!
 ...this is his monkey face:

He also got a new puzzle (because SOMEONE wasn't watching him and lost the pieces to the old puzzle he had...)
 Yay, numbers!!

Awww, self portrait! Don't look too long though, we're all kinda scary-looking...
It's absolutely crazy how fast these last 2 years have flown by! Wyatt has been the cutest, cuddliest, most wonderful blessing in our lives and we love him so much. It seems like he's grown a TON this last year, and especially within the last few months. His vocabulary seemed to form out of nowhere, and I can't believe how much he knows and can say! It's still a little hard to understand him most of the time, but we catch new words almost every day  He mimics us constantly, and it's HILARIOUS. He loves the alphabet and can name off almost every letter by himself. He also loves channel 8 cartoons, being outside, shoes, animals, and his family. He keeps me laughing all day long, and I'm so glad he's mine. We love you Wyatt! Happy Birthday!!

And just for fun, I've listed all the words he can say, just from what I can remember off the top of my head:
all done
all gone
choo choo
thank you
no (also used in scolding terms with his index finger pointed, No No No!)
bye bye
He also knows almost all his body parts, down to eyebrows and elbows...
And this is just weird...he won't say any of the animal names, but instead will go by what sound they make...
So for dog it's 'ruff ruff'
cat: meow
cow: moo
chicken: bach bach
owl: hoo hoo
ect, ect
...but he also knows the sounds for elephant, monkey, lion, bear, bunny (he wiggles his nose), snake, and fish

It's just so amazing though how much more he understands...! It's going to be a CRAZY day when he starts talking in full sentences...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

for the record...

Alright guys, here's to 30 weeks down and only 10 left to go!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Model status

He's such a little poser!!