Friday, March 30, 2012

first of many

Now that Logan is bigger, I decided to have a joint bath with Wyatt.

(look at Logan's curly hair!)

Wyatt thought it was a success, but I think Logan was less enthused, haha...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newborn Logan

My brain cells have been depleted. I totally forgot about taking newborn pictures of Logan until Noelle reminded me. And THEN, it took me another few reminders from her that I needed to come pick up the finished product...

So anyway, they turned out ADORABLE, even though we didn't get very many shots. I don't know what it is about picture-taking, but my kids never cooperate on demand...weird, right? Haha...

He's almost 3 weeks old in these, and I can't believe how tiny he looks in comparison to today. I already miss the newborn he was...

I'm so in love.

Thanks Noelle!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The reveal...

I love long hair. Especially, MY long hair. I've had long hair for most of my life, and have only cut it above my shoulder twice in my life...

...make that THREE times...

I just got a hair cut...and it's the shortest I've ever had it.

And let me tell you...I LOVE it. 

Can you believe that on Sunday I woke up and went to church without doing anything to my hair?! (Okay, maybe I straightened my bangs, but that was IT!)
 I've never done such a thing! I was amazed. And thrilled. 

People walked down the halls at church and didn't recognize me. I catch my reflection in the mirror and don't recognize myself sometimes.

I will admit that I will miss my long hair greatly, and I plan on growing it back out (it seems like long hair is the style these days, oops), but I had 5 reasons for cutting it...

1. I needed a change. After having the same hairstyle for so long, I needed to do something drastic.
2. I wanted to get rid of all my dead-ends.
3. My hair is going to start falling out in a few months, and I really don't want long hairs EVERYWHERE (You post-pregnant ladies know what I'm talking about). I figured short hairs would be less annoying.
4. Once my hair DOES fall out, I figured my luscious, thick, long hair wouldn't look as good anymore any way. Stringy and thin is sad.
5. Hair always grows back.

I had to convince Jeff cutting my hair would be a good thing, and those were the reasons I gave him...I'm not sure he believed me so much at first, but when I came home with my new 'do, he LOVED it.

AND NOW...! 



I really love it so much! It's so dang easy! And cute! Thanks to Jen for cutting it so wonderfully!


Mine and Jeff's parents are in the same stake, so every year at the fathers-and-sons camp-out trip, Jeff usually goes. This year Wyatt got to go too, and I'm sure he had so much fun with both grandpas there, (and a few uncles). I gave Jeff the camera and told him to take some pictures...

Breakfast time with Opa!

...the second round with Grandpa!

My stinky boys!

This picture cracks me up! Of all the things to take a picture of...
Here Dad, a ROCK!!

And it has come to my attention that people think I don't let my child play in the dirt...well, here's your proof, haha!

These next couple pictures are of the cricket races, but I'm to understand they also had a chicken run (where a rooster is set loose and everyone chases it to see who can catch it...I think there might be a cash prize? I don't know...) and they also had a three-legged race, but Wyatt didn't participate in that one...

Jeff said they had a lot of fun, and I'm glad they went. It gave me a break too! Maybe next year he can take both boys!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Logan's Latest: 2 months old!

Of all the cute things in the world...

...this little man has got to be on top!!

Logan is the definition of sweetheart. He's a doll. He makes my life brighter. He's patient and somehow realizes I can't hold him at all times (mostly while I deal with Wyatt). He cuddles with me and falls asleep in my arms. He STAYS asleep when I put him down. He loves watching Wyatt. He loves Daddy's silly faces. He smiles and has already LAUGHED!! He's starting to coo and talk to me.

He makes my heart melt.

And I love him so much.

Logan had his 2 month doctor's appointment today, and here's his stats:

Weight: 13lbs 13oz (90th %)
Height: 24 1/2 in (98th %)
Head circumference: 16 in (90%)

...looks like I've got another chunky monkey on my hands! LOVE those rolls!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

building forts

I went out to run a few errands and left Wyatt with his Aunt Grace...and when I came back, I found this...

Oh, to be two again :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the ZOO!!

I just bought a zoo membership (with the help of my mom), so let's go to the zoo!!

My sister wanted to go to the zoo before she left back for Idaho, so on Tuesday, while the weather was still chilly, we decided to make the trip. I haven't been to the zoo in a while, but I always love going. This was the first time Wyatt actually understood what we were doing...he kept asking for animals the whole ride there, haha! It was cute. I was beautiful outside, and so we stayed for almost 5 hours...

Members get to enter the zoo an hour before it opens, so we got there bright and early...Logan wasn't so happy in the beginning:


...scary-looking bird...

...there were baby ducklings everywhere!

The new orangutan exhibit is awesome! This is Duchess, the oldest orangutan in the US, and as soon as we strolled up, she came and put her face on the window...

Wyatt and Uncle James

the Andean bears...