Thursday, July 26, 2012

craft night

Our girl's-night-out has turned into a craft-project-get-together...which I enjoy immensely.
I really have fun with these artsy crafts, and I'm glad the other girls find such cute ideas on Pinterest
(I've banned myself from Pinterest, knowing I don't have enough time to spend looking at it)

Our first project was painting on a canvas, and this was our second craft. It turned out so cute.
And actually, all of ours turned out really cute, and it's pretty simple too...

We stopped off at Hobby Lobby first to get all our supplies, but all you need is a canvas, paint, and 4-5 pages of 12x12 scrapbook paper (I actually used 7 different pages, haha).
Paint your canvas whatever color, something neutral, that would look good as the background color (I chose "Espresso.")
Cut your paper into 2-3 inch strips, and then cut those strips down into smaller rectangles, another 2-3 inches each. When you've got all your rectangles, cut diagonally from corner to corner to make leaf-shaped petals. I liked that I had bigger petals to start with because then I could cut them down as much as I needed, as I went...
Then, obviously, arrange your petals according to how you like them and hot glue them to the canvas. I had mine set on the canvas before I hot-glued any of them, but you could also just glue as you go...

We ran out of time, but if we hadn't, I think we might have hodge-podged them too...

This is another one that was made that night, by Malu...

just another word for "really big dust storm"

I've lived almost my whole life in the East Valley...over 20 years.
...and it's weird, but I never remember experiencing a "haboob."

In fact, I don't remember ever even hearing the word "haboob," except for a few years ago.

It's your lucky day though, because Jeff and I documented this last one, that happened on was amazing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Logan's Latest: 6 months!

...I can't even describe the disbelief I'm feeling.
But it's the same thing every time I type up these monthly updates--he keeps getting older and I can't stand it.
I mean, in another 6 months he'll be a year old.


So anyway, my little Logan has been learning and experiencing all sorts of new things this last month...

He has officially decided that sucking his tongue is the way to go.
No binkies.
No fingers.
His tongue.
I'm not sure how that's going to work out when his teeth come in, but I'm loving it so far!

 He has officially decided to sit up, without support.
That's only AFTER he decided he wants to start crawling...
...I'm pretty sure that's backwards, but whatever. I guess I don't really get that easy period where he can sit up, but is still immobile. He's going to make this hard on me ;)

And as previously mentioned in other posts, he also:

-started eating solids, for REAL. We had a hard time in the beginning, so we stopped for 2 weeks, and then tried again with better success.
He LOVES it now.
-got his hair 5 1/2 months old.
We trimmed 2+ inches off.
-has mastered the hands-and-knees stance, and now is working on his hands-and-feet stance. If he knew how to move his hands, he'd already be crawling. But the army crawl is his preferred method of transportation...for now.
-took his first out-of-state trip to visit family! He was the friendliest baby, and would let anyone hold him, which helped me out TONS.
-started blowing raspberries...and he thinks it's hilarious (as do I!)

We also had a doctor's appointment today, and these were the results:
Weight: 17lbs 4oz (52%)
Length: 27.25 inches (80%)
Head circumference: 17.25 inches (74%)

I sure love that baby boy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spreek je geen Nederlands?

My dad has spoke Dutch to Wyatt since the day he was born. And just the other day, Wyatt surprised me when this popped out of his mouth...all on his own.

P.S. It has come to my attention that I didn't give the translation, haha, oops!
He's saying "Mag ik een snoepje?" which translates to "May I have a candy?"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

THE Mac Park

Oh, the beloved Mac Park.
I miss it so much, and I'm really sad I won't be visiting any time soon.

Wyatt was in love with the water even though it was numbingly cold...

I'm sorry in advance for the multitude of pictures containing me and the was kind of a mini-photoshoot, and they turned out so cute... I couldn't help myself...

awwww!! James and Gracie! Or, Yames and Gaycie, according to Wyatt.

Opa and Wyatt, crossing the creek

Playing on the playground, doing it all by himself

Mommy watching from afar...

And these were the last pictures we took...
...until next time!!

THE Carousel

This was the coolest carousel! It was located in a park, and was both indoor and outdoor! I'm pretty sure it's so they can operate it even in the winter when it's freezing and was perfect that day because it was pouring rain, but we could still enjoy the weather while on our carousel ride. And what's better--they were selling cotton candy!!

Everyone was allowed to ride too, even little Logan.

This day it was 66 degrees, and being the logical Arizonan that I am, it didn't even cross my mind that I might need a long sleeved shirt, or better, a sweater. So we pretty much froze...but I enjoyed it!
Logan was probably the only warm one there because I could wrap him in his blanket...

THE haircut

Here's the actual documentation of my baby's first haircut!

His hair isn't usually this messy, but I pulled it down into his face to show how funny it looked ;)

Look at those darling locks!

Haha!! This picture cracks me up!

 I think I'm most sad that his hair isn't curly anymore...and maybe when it grows out it will be again, but I'm not so sure...
...but he looks completely different now, and more like the cute, little man I know he is!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

THE Bear Lake

My dad only caught pictures from the first boat ride of the first day, but it pretty much encapsulates our whole experience :)

Logan was taking his first nap of the day in the pack-n-play under the gazebo, which was very convenient for me! My grandparents were also there to take care of him if he did happen to wake up (which he did).

Wyatt rode the wave-runner with Cody, and kept saying "Beep, beep!!"

About to start the madness!!
James, me, Grace and cousin Sydnee

My aunt JaLynn purposely tries to fling us off the tubes...but I guess it wouldn't be as much fun any other way! It's a workout trying to stay on those things!!
Obviously, we fell off...numerous times.

The boys take a turn!!

My cousins have this technique of tube jumping...holding onto one of the smaller tubes and then switching places with that's definitely an adrenaline rush! I got many battle wounds I didn't notice under after I got back on shore...

I can't wait until we go again! Hopefully Jeff will be able to go, he was super depressed he missed out...

Monday, July 16, 2012


It's so super late right now, and I'm kinda mad at myself that I'm still awake and doing this, BUT I just got the pictures from our Utah/Idaho trip, and I couldn't help myself.

So here's a little sneak peak...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

my LOVE for the color yellow

Is it really weird that I remember the moment when I decided yellow was my favorite color?

I was in 2nd grade (I know because I can see the classroom and my teacher) and we were doing some art project, something like a self-portrait, and we had to include a list of things about ourselves--name, age, favorite color...

...I distinctly recall having this internal struggle about what my favorite color was, knowing it constantly changed from week to week. I think I remember thinking that EVERY girl liked pink or purple, and that the defiant ones liked blue. And I remember thinking I wanted to be different. 
And then I decided I really liked yellow. And it's been that way ever since.

WELL, recently, I've added a few things to my "yellow" collection:

While at the Smithfield Imp, I stumbled upon this set of glass containers. I immediately knew I wanted to put pasta in them, and that it would match the rest of the yellow I had in my kitchen perfectly. It turned out fabulous.

Joann's was having a sale on their florals a few weeks ago, and my mom had an additional coupon that gave me this wreath for almost nothing...I love a good deal!

I'm usually not a big fan of wearing yellow, only because I feel like it washes me out, but for some reason I was drawn to this dress, and I LOVE it.

the end.