Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pumpkin adventures

I bought this pumpkin with the boys a few weeks ago while I was at a local farmer's market and Wyatt has been talking about it ever since. It's been sitting on our back porch and every time we open the blinds, he immediately points to it and declares, 
"It's MY pumpkin!!!"

"Good pumpkin."

We decided to wait until last minute to carve our little pumpkin, so that we could set him out in front of our door on Halloween...

Uh oh...Daddy's got a knife...
...must be some serious business...

"Pumpkin guts."

Logan enjoyed tasting the local fare.

Sorry for the craziness of this video :)

I asked Wyatt what kind of face we should put on his you want a happy face? A silly face? A scary face?


He takes after his father (and me too, I guess) and he's a bit of a pyromaniac...
...he kept lifting the lid to smell it, silly boy.

I told him to make a scary face, like his pumpkin, and this is what I got...
He does a good job, no?? Hahaha!


Keeping Maximus (Jeff's gnome) company...

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween? AGAIN??

I know there are those who absolutely LOVE Halloween.
Confession: I dread it.



They're so much work!!
I stress out over it, wondering what I should do, how I should do it, if it'll look cute enough...

And then by the end...
...I give up and go with the easiest route.

We headed to the annual combined Riverview/5th ward Trunk or Treat, so we could spend time with both sets of grandparents...

Don't mind me, stuffing my face (and Logan's) with chili...
..instead focus your attention to the fact that Wyatt is being blinded by his pilot cousin's flashlight, haha!

Daddy and Grandpa took Sparky around to some of the games, like Go Fish
(He fits in quite well with those ASU fanatics, no?)

Other Grandpa (or Opa, as he's known) also took Wyatt to some of the games...

This mustache lasted about 3 milliseconds.

Me and my garden gnome...
I love that he's making the grouchiest old man face ever.

"helping" me pass out candy...

Being the most adored gnome in history.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

sure, why not.

That is Jeff.
...wearing my sunglasses.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

a trick or treat sneak peak

tonight's trunk or treat action included:
  • the very beautiful princess Cinderalla, 
  • the devil himself, Sparky,
  • the youngest, and cutest, garden gnome ever,
  • and an energetic and spunky pilot!
the darling cousins (minus one Houston)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Logan's Latest: 9 months!

Looking at time, day by day, it seems to go by slowly...but once I come to write another one of these updates, I feel like I just got done writing the last one!

This boy is 9 months.
He's been out of me as long as he was baking inside me...
(although that's not technically true, but we'll pretend it's close enough)

What an unbelievably cute stinker.

We had a doctor's appointment and here are his current stats:
Weight: 18lbs 4oz (25%)
Height: 29 inches (75%)
Head circumference: 18 inches (70%)
Tall and skinny.
But he eats like a monster.
We've started letting him eat "real" food at dinner time, and he's so thankful.
 ...he's already tried, and loved, spaghetti, white chili, and mashed potatoes with sour kraut
(along with every other thing that's ever been put in mouth).

He loves his big brother Wyatt and has taken to following him everywhere.
They love tackling each other, and talking with each other, and laughing with each other...

 Logan has also come to a clear understanding of the word "No."
Although he is stubborn, he is mostly obedient.
... but he does NOT like this word.

He has a small obsession with Hot Wheels cars.
Not the toy, babyish, clunky cars...
...the small, shiny, sleek cars.

He also popped out two more teeth!!
And he now has the most hilarious smile ever, just because of those two front teeth.
This picture
 I took about a gazillion pictures of his wide-mouthed grin/laugh because it's absolutely the most adorable thing you will ever see.

Also this month, he took his 2nd trip out of state, and checked off two more firsts, Disneyland and the beach!!
He has also taken to mimicking us much more...
Jeff and I will simultaneously say da-da and ma-ma, respectively, to see which one Logan will say...
...I usually lose.
Climbing and cruising is a constant occurrence now, and Logan is always pulling himself up on something. I've started holding his hands and walking with him, and he does pretty well at that too.
He dances (read that: bobs up and down) when he hears music.
He whines when we ask him if he's hungry.
He knows his name.

I love, love, LOVE being his mom. glad he's mine...

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have a problem.

I like to buy clearance items, especially clothing. And when I buy the boys' clothing, I try to buy whatever it is a few sizes bigger, thereby prolonging the need to ever buy anything at full price.

WELL, recently, as I was searching through my stashes to find Wyatt a bigger pair of shoes, I stumbled upon this...

...I knew I had bought him a few pairs of shoes...
...but as it turns out, I'd forgotten how many new pairs...
...and I just kept buying him more...
...of the same sizes.

SOLUTION: I can put a few of these away and leave them for Logan :) 
...but I should probably stop buying shoes.
Blasted clearance prices! You get me every time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The day we left for home after our trip to Disneyland, I really, REALLY wanted to make a trip to the beach.

I mean, it's ludicrous to visit California and neglect going to the beach, right???

So on our way down and out of the state, we planned on stopping by Oceanside...
...well, that was the plan...
...but apparently rush hour on a Saturday afternoon starts at 1:00pm, and after almost an hour of bumper-to-bumper traffic, we'd had enough of the ridicoulousness.
So we exited that freeway and found ourselves on the coastline of Dana Point, and it was beeeeeautiful.

There was a lift that went up and down to and from the beach (for all the lazy people who didn't want to take the stairs...ahem, guys...)

After slathering everyone in sunblock, we headed for the ocean. 
Jeff and my dad weren't interested in getting wet so they were deemed the picture-takers...
(they were complaining about sand getting into crevices or something, and then having to drive 7 hours before arriving home...I tried to tell them it would be worth it, but even the availability of showers didn't convince poopers.)

Logan loved it.

...except for when he was defeated by a big wave.

Wyatt thought it was fun too for the first little while...

...and then he got cold, so he left to warm up in the sand...
Ben was the same way, so they kept each other company.

...oh yeah, I tried to dunk Ben in the ocean first thing...
 ...but it didn't work so well.

Logan eventually did what he does best--which is falling asleep.

Our fun was very short-lived and we left after only an hour.
And after showering and getting dressed, we left for home...

...but I still say an hour at the beach is worth all the sandy grit...