Thursday, March 28, 2013


Remember this post ?

Well...he's at it again.

This time though, he actually woke up, came into my room, and greeted me (sleepily, of course).
I was busy doing my hair and getting ready for work, and so I didn't really notice his absence until after I was done. I had heard him playing with a ball (I had to get after him for throwing it) and so I assumed he was occupying himself quietly. Well, when I went to look for him, I found him lying on the floor in his room, on top of his (famous) polka-dot blankie (the one that Buzz Lightyear likes)

At first I thought he was joking, or playing, or something...but then as I leaned in closer I saw his eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply. 

And this is all after taking 10 minutes to finish getting ready.

What I don't understand though is why he didn't just climb into bed...'s RIGHT THERE!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

that's us.

So I have these sisters... best friends...

...and we can't seem to take a good picture.

I mean, we try so hard...
...but our smiles just seem...
And then we can't stay focused enough to even look at the camera...
 ...and then we get distracted by a Forrest Gump in LOTR impersonation...
(which was SUPER hilarious, by the way)
And then, by the time we settle down, we're too tired to even to smile for real any

 BUT, I suppose after taking 100 pictures the odds are pretty good we'd get at least ONE good picture...

I love these girls.
♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Temple Square

It had been such a long time since I'd visited Temple Square, so I decided since nothing was planned on Saturday, other than prep-work for the baby blessing, we should go.

...and we did. :)
(Sadly Grace and James couldn't join us, but I'm sure they enjoyed the peace and quiet)

We only had a few hours before we were meeting up with the rest of our extended family for dinner, so it was perfect for a stroll.

sunshine anyone??

I wish Arizona had a flowery springtime...

When Emma went to the other side of the reflection pool, it looked like she was walking on water!

The boys also had fun playing in it...

I wonder if we lived nearby if Temple Square would lose the awe I feel every time we go...
...I'd like to think not, but I certainly wish I could visit more often!


Last Friday we did a whole lot of NOTHING.
Jeff and my dad were making their way up and the rest of us just...did our own thing.

How CUTE is this baby?!

While my mom was at her Aunt Beth's finishing a quilt, Wyatt, Emma and I went to the park across the street...they had this HUGE pine tree that was really low to the ground and Wyatt could walk underneath it.
(also, any pine tree he saw was automatically dubbed a Christmas tree...)
Jeff and my dad made it there safely around 3:30pm...
...and I don't know what it is about grown men holding little babies, but I love it.

(I don't know why I didn't get a picture of my dad holding Eli, lame!! Sorry dad!)

We also managed to make a trip out to Target...
(Can you believe it was a whole 10 miles away?? I have at least 4 stores within 10 miles of my house!!)
It also marked Grace's first outing :)
We also headed to Costco to get some things for dinner and ate in that night...
...and then we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing the Wii U...that included my parents, haha!

Friday, March 22, 2013

gross times ten-to-the-nth-degree.

You know those nasty insects, the ones that look like mosquitoes on steroids?? 
I just found out it's name.
It's called a crane fly.
I also found out they do not eat mosquitoes, which I am semi-disappointed about, but not really, because now I have no excuse to feel bad if I kill one. 
ANYWAY, one found it's way into my house today, and because Jeff was busy with other things, I was left to fend for myself. I usually consider myself pretty tough, but when it comes to hazardous-looking bugs I'm 100% squeamish. 
So as I'm holding my rolled-up magazine above the creature, adrenaline pumping, contemplating which exact moment to strike (NOW! No...NOW!), I randomly made a mental note of how fat it was--obviously due to the ginormous feast it must have had--and I shivered at the thought of cleaning up EXTRA GUTS off my wall. AND THEN...I took a swipe (and screamed!) and missed (insert maximum anguish). But having foreseen my lack of commitment might cause it's escape, knowing it could smell my fear, I had enough sense to attack from above, thereby limiting it's escape to a downward position, and giving me another chance. And so, with Wyatt as my cheerleader (kill the yucky bug, Mom!!) I took another swipe (and screamed again) as I annihilated that nasty thing into a juicy paste. I almost cheered, but upon the immediate examination of my kill, I noticed...specks. Little, black specks...or...BUG EGGS??? All over my wall and all over my Ensign?!
(Insert extreme squeamishness.)
And then I had the answer to it's fatness.
And in my house, ready to give birth.
I immediately reported my findings to Jeff and demanded an award for saving him from little crane fly larvae being laid in his ears and eating his brain (insert Jeff squeamishness). 

You may now go on to have nightmares.
Good night.


As previously mentioned, Grace and Eli were released from the hospital early, and while Emma, the boys and I were having adventures at the zoo, they returned safely to a quiet and non-rambunctious home (for a few hours anyway...)

I cannot get over his adorable little old-man faces!!

When we finally did arrive back at the apartment, the boys were very anxious to see Grace and James and this so-called baby Eli. Wyatt had been asking to see them for days now, and was the most interested in the newest addition. Logan was curious, but in a
sort of way...
 (don't mind their naked bodies...they'd been playing outside and needed a scrub)
 They were both really good at being gentle, although towards the end of our time there, Logan would just rub Eli's head like he was a puppy...product of my own doing--I'd take Logan's hand and gently caress Eli's hair and say "Be soft." 
...which is also what we say to him when he pets the dog...


...but they enjoyed the little baby Eli so much. Wyatt asked to give him kisses endlessly, and it was probably the sweetest thing ever.
(besides Eli, of course!)

We seriously could.not.get.enough.

I had a taste of what my life would be like with three kids!
(but not really...)

Grace and James, you did well :)