Monday, August 26, 2013

first family photobooth

We're that crazy family everyone avoids...
...but I love these guys!!

(And congratulations again, Jeni and Ryan!)

Sunday, August 25, 2013


A lot of cooking and baking has been happening at my house lately...
I made a pasta dish using my whole wheat moose-shaped pasta from IKEA...

I found the biggest and best nectarines at Costco and made "peach" cobbler...

Logan, with his cheeks stuffed full with something...

I had to make some dinner rolls for an adult potluck activity with our ward. I decided to do a variation with buttermilk instead, and I liked them better than the original ones I usually make...
(it also helps to have yeast that hasn't expired, haha)

The sunsets lately have been extremely breath-taking...

...aren't we adorable??

ELI!! I could gobble him up!

These three are going to be best friends someday!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunday is a Fun-day. Sometimes.

Sundays are a little rough for us.
Church is at 12 o'clock this year...
...which, for our household, is lunchtime and naptime.
And to have to deal with not one, but TWO, cranky, hungry, tired boys is almost more than I can handle sometimes. Jeff and I haven't sat through an entire meeting this whole year.
Logan went to nursery.
We've FINALLY come to a routine that works almost half the time. We try to have a later breakfast, and try to make it big--you know, pancakes, waffles, french toast, WHATEVER to stuff them FULL.
(Of course, as soon as church starts though, they act like they're STARVING.)
We try our best to distract the boys and keep them happy through the first part of sacrament meeting (and this is always the hardest part), but we aren't always successful. As soon as the sacrament is over, Logan is usually already asleep, or REALLY ready for a nap. Wyatt gets a snack to hold him over through Primary, and keeps quiet reading his books or coloring. We wake Logan up just before sacrament meeting ends, put him in nursery where he flourishes (and has yet to notice our lack of presence--it's been a month already), and then head off to our classes.
NOW...if only I could master how to handle Wyatt's crazy behavior as his Sunbeam teacher...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Can you believe it?
I saw these girls TWICE within a week...
That never happens.

The first night we had a few more of us than usual, Audrey was in town and brought her daughter Kelsey...and then we were also joined by some other small children, Abbi and Austin.
It felt super weird to not have any kids with me, and I almost felt left out of the mommy-brigade parade (each equipped with their own carseat and stroller combo), but then reality hit, and I was glad I was able to enjoy a moment of "me time." Plus, I got to hold the newest member of our clan all through dinner, so my baby-hunger was satisfied. ☺ 

The second night was craft-centered--uncontrollable laughter, snacks, and secrets included.

I was a bum and decided to do something different than what was originally planned...and although I love how my autumn ball turned out, I now really want what they made. Next time, next time...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Free is always better.

Chik-Fil-A is quickly becoming one of our favorites around here...
...because not only is it tasty...
...but they give away free food!!
This time it was for breakfast and all we had to do was come dressed in our pajamas!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

{the natural bridge}

Because life has been so monotonous lately, so boring and hot and dull, I decided we were due for another adventure. I mean, it's been a month since we got out of town!! I'd say we were past due, really!
So I took a Saturday off work, and surprised Jeff with my idea. He loved it.
He likes adventures too.
And surprisingly enough, so does my sister and a couple of my brothers, so they joined us as well!
(Although, truth be told, it wasn't that surprising, haha)
 So we packed up, left and hour later than we planned, and made the drive up north to cooler weather and funner times... the Natural Bridge, to be more specific.

I have fond memories of when I was younger and making this trip with my family, and I thought I'd been with Jeff before, but he says otherwise. I guess that just made it EXTRA special, since it was all new to everyone :)

On our way up, escaping the heat!!

Four peaks!
(I really want to hike this mountain one day...any takers??)

Jeff and I were totally shocked with the absolute LUSHNESS of the desert! It was GREEN! I guess it makes sense, since it is monsoon season, but for some reason we thought that because August was one of the hottest months of the year that everything would be dead. Not so!

We reached our destination around 10:30am and were greeted with a lovely 82 degrees!

We had some young hikers...namely, Eli. But he was cheating.

As you will see below, this is our "picture rock." Obviously my children were anxious to get a move on and weren't interested in sitting still...sigh, maybe next time.

(Also, I'm sorry my eldest child keeps being in your family pictures...)

Circa 2003??
(10 years ago?! Whoa.)

So the hike isn't very long, but it's super steep...thankfully the hike out is the hardest part...

You start out at the top of this view, near the waterfall (which your cross over, and then come down and around...)

This little waterfall is fed by a stream up at the top, and I also have fond memories of playing in it...

And just to give you a better sense of the magnitude of this place, if you look at the bottom left of this picture, you can see the wooden bridge we come in on...

Wyatt found his own little cave...

Ben climbed higher to get a really good view...we're in the bottom right corner...

It was a little wet...we had to climb over some seriously slippery places, and endure some "rain" to get to our end point (which was almost to the other end of the natural bridge)

Group shot!
(sorry it's fuzzy, my lens had a drop of water on it...)

Oh yeah! CRAWDADS!! Many fond memories of that too...
Ben found the KING CRAWDAD. It was basically huge.

Once back out, we stopped and let the boys play in the stream...

...and enjoyed a picnic before heading back out.

It was amazingly successful.