Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's crazy to me that Wyatt is now old enough to comprehend Halloween, and when asked, even told me what he wanted to be! There wasn't any contemplation on his end--he wanted to be Peter Pan!! 
(I also can't believe this his his 4th Halloween...)
His costume was actually pretty simple to put together, and all I had to make was his hat and belt/sheath/dagger. Logan recycled one of Wyatt's old costumes, and looked pretty darn cute as a football player. I'm dreading when they both have a say in what they want to be...

We attended the 5th/Riverview ward trunk-or-treat again this year, and it was fun to see both sets of grandparents and some aunts and uncles too. Wyatt even got to go trick-or-treat-ing for REAL this year when his Aunt Emma and best friend Leandra took him through one of the neighborhoods. It was an exhausting night, but soooo fun!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pumpkin adventures, take two

Tonight has been a long-awaited night. Poor Wyatt has been DYING to finally carve our pumpkins...
These first few pictures are very reminiscent of last year's pumpkin carving, check it out:

Wyatt just really likes pumpkins, okay?? 
(And don't get me started on his costume. 
The kid wants it done NOW, and wishes he could wear it ALL. THE. TIME. 
He's even started confusing his birthday with Halloween, saying he's going to be so-and-so for his birthday, instead of it actually being his costume...)

I always let Jeff do the honors when it comes to gutting the pumpkins, heehee...

The boys joined in on the gutting too, but they wouldn't use their bare hands (unless of course, you wanted to taste it--which Logan also did last year...)

The boys were very disappointed that we wouldn't let them poke and stab our pumpkins... know, because poking and stabbing the pumpkin we specifically got for them would be no fun...
(and if you didn't catch that, I bought them a pumpkin to share, to do whatever they wanted to do with it, but instead Jeff ended up carving another scary face, at the request of Wyatt, again, because they didn't want to do anything but poke and stab our pumpkins.)

Still waiting on Daddy to finish his second pumpkin...

And in the meantime, the boys had a party!!

And I'm not even joking, these boys were so excited about having their jack-o-lanterns lit up, they started dancing.

Daddy finished, and lit the candles in his...
...can you guess what it might be??

We've got scary face, funny face and GO DEVILS!!

And while we were sitting on our front porch, enjoying our pumpkins, a kind neighbor whom we'd never met, who just happened to be taking a walk, detoured for a minute to our house and offered to take our family picture! It totally made my night, and I was so thankful for him!

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


In honor of Logan learning to say bubble, I decided to give the boys a bubble bath.

You would not believe their amazement...

Look Mom! Bubbles!

Look Wyatt! Bubbles!



They spent the rest of the time giving each other bubble hair-do's.

Friday, October 25, 2013

night games

 When I was little, I remember playing a game with my family in the dark.
If I remember correctly, it was when the electricity would go out.
My dad would sneak around the house, in the dark, and hide, waiting for us kids to come find him. When we'd get close he'd jump out and grab us, growl, and scare the daylights out of us. We'd run back to Mom who was the safe place, the place to gather our courage and do it all over again.
I still remember the adrenaline rush--my heart pounding, my eyes wide, searching for him. And then when he'd attack I'd scream with fear and run.
We must have been crazy.
But we loved it.

One stormy night a while back, I happened to recall those adventures and related them to Jeff, who thought it also sounded like fun. And since the electricity doesn't usually go out at our house (underground and all that, you know), he decided to turn out all the lights and play the game with our kids anyway.

They think it is the best game ever.

Dad is still the creepy one.
Mom is still the safe place.
And the kids still scream bloody murder.

We do it often now because Wyatt asks for it frequently. I take turns with Jeff sometimes being the one who hides, but I mostly like holding the boys when they come to me laughing and whispering, asking where Daddy is. 
Logan mostly stays close to me, but Wyatt is fearless...until he screams when Daddy grabs him.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Once upon a time I was the best wife ever.

A while back I thought it'd be fun to surprise Jeff with tickets to an Arizona Cardinals game.

So I looked into it.

And then I saw the prices.

And realized the games were on Sunday.

And then I convinced myself he really wouldn't like it.

Which, obviously, isn't the least bit true.

So I thought about it for a while, and thought about it some more, and tried to convince myself of a good reason to do it. And then I found it. My solution.

SANTA, of course!!
The one game of the season NOT on Sunday just happened to be a home game, so I couldn't pass it up. But spending the money on the tickets was another hard I figured I could pass it off as a Christmas gift from Santa. And since Santa can do whatever he wants, I concocted a letter from "Santa" with an explanation and the tickets, and left them on the table for Jeff to find. I wasn't home when he found them, and I guess I should have had a secret camera recording because Jeff said he went crazy.

Anyway, the game was a few weeks ago, and even though they lost, he said he had a good time...
(I bought him 2 tickets so that he could take someone, and his first choice was me, but I convinced him he'd have a better time with someone else, someone who would actually enjoy the experience. So he took his Dad, which I agreed would be much more logical, haha!) Merry Christmas!