Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Instagram, repeat.

Here we are again, catching up on my life as told by my Instagram:

The boys refuse to play with this toy anywhere BUT the stairs.

I love my babies.

Free dinner at Chick-fil-A, and all we had to do was wear our jammies!!

We got another zoo membership! The boys love it.

love, love, LOVE this ladies.

Hey, remember that time that we were sick for THREE days and spent the entire time in my bed?? Yeah, good times. SO NOT, NOT, NOT good times.

MY BABY TURNED TWO! How does that happen?!

It's a sibling selfie!

Sometimes we have long days...

dinner with the besties for our birthdays.

Meaghan's baby shower was super adorable, mostly thanks to Shannon and Denine and our host Maureen!

My dad and I had a good laugh while we sat in our seats and watched the boys be smooshed next to strangers on the lightrail.

Our weekly dumptruck watching turned into a personal affair when it broke down right outside our door. The boys were in heaven and our garbage man was not. He still had a good attitude though and answered all Wyatt's silly little questions...

Found this gem recently. Thanks mom for documenting.

Ohhhh, it's nothing really, I just sliced the tip of my finger off. Who needs a thumb?
(literal worst finger to ever injure.)

Haji Baba's!! Our favorite hole-in-the-wall!! (too bad Logan wasn't feeling so well)

I was lame and only made 4 valentines this year. I promise I'll be more prepared next year!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Most Magical Party EVER.

We have an ongoing inside joke in my family and it has to do with Ben and unicorns. Or rather, Ben as a unicorn. Anyway, Ben used to style his hair in a way that would create a centered spike towards the front of his hairline--he probably wanted a mohawk-type look, but it ended up resembling a unicorn horn. And I ran with it. I'm sure he didn't like my teasing so much at first (in fact, at all), but what are older sisters for? It's not like I have the strength to beat him up, so I have to get at him somehow, right?? He eventually changed his hairstyle, but the joke continued on. Anything unicorn would be referenced to Ben. Unicorns would be brought up specifically to talk about Ben. There was even a story about how Ben died by being tempted by a stranger to look in his van filled with magical unicorns.

So obviously we had to throw him a surprise unicorn party for his 16th birthday.

We told everyone to buy Ben a unicorn-themed gag gift, Grace and I made a unicorn cake, and we purchased a unicorn pinata for Ben to take out his inner-unicorn-frustrations on.

It was truly magical.

Especially since he had no clue what was happening.

Only after opening the first few gifts did he realize the theme...

...and he was more than happy to pulverize the pinata.

Ben, Unicorn Slayer.

Posing him with all his gifts, and if you need some help identifying them, here's what they are:
the white unicorn head is on a stick to ride, he got a pink stuffed unicorn, a purple unicorn pillow pet, a unicorn puzzle, and a can of unicorn meat, complete with a list of the nutritional values--probably the best one there.

This was the sign I made up to describe him every time I saw him with his unicorn hairstyle...

It was awesome. I love you Ben!!
(And PS, I can't believe he's 16!!! WHAT?!)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Gilbert Temple open house

It's been a few weeks now, but our family finally had the opportunity to go to the Gilbert Temple open house! It seemed like everyone I knew had already been through it and seen it, so I was super anxious by the time we went. It was beautiful. And breath-taking. And HUGE!
We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed. The boys were a little cranky (Wyatt had refused to take his nap) but overall, they did well. I was in charge of Wyatt, while Jeff held Logan, and it was fun to point out things and talk with Wyatt, especially since we've been observing the Temple the whole time it was being built. He was definitely excited when I told him we were going inside. His favorite parts included going up and down the multiple flights of stairs, the baptismal font ("Can I go swimming??"), the chandeliers ("Is that CANDY?!"), and all the pictures of Jesus ("Look Mom! It's Jesus! And another Jesus!" referring to the picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus). It was a really enjoyable experience, and although it felt a bit rushed, I know I'll have more time to enjoy it later. The open house is ending soon, but if you have any questions or would like to go, visit this website for more information.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Here's another picture of my crazies...
...pictured here in their FAVORITE jammies, courtesy of their Granny at Christmas.

You would not believe the drama come morning-time when we need to get dressed. 
And if they could, they'd wear them all day long.
Gotta love them though!!