Monday, January 23, 2017

never before seen!

I don't know why it matters to me so much, it really shouldn't, but whenever I post on my Instagram of myself too much...I delete it. The memories are sweet, and my kids are cute, I'm usually not just by myself, but for whatever reason, if I see that I'm appearing too often, I change my mind and never post it or delete it soon after. Welp, here are a few of those times, because they really are adorable...

Friday, January 20, 2017

oh the weather outside is...delightful!

Rainy days are just the best, ESPECIALLY when it's cold. I love that feeling of needing to bundle up. I assume that's because it's such a rarity here to feel this sort of chill, but I adore the chill. Even now, as everyone is in bed, I can hear the rain coming down and wish that I could be in bed too...mostly because my feet are frozen...

But I'm trying to maintain my goals, so here I am, blogging...

Speaking of goals, I have been hitting pretty much all my resolutions so far! High fives to me!
(...and I'm well aware we're only 20 days into the year, but I'm taking this as a victory BECAUSE I CAN. I need all the enthusiastic muster I can get!)

I've been surprising myself with how often I've been taking the kids outside! I think because the boys are older and can entertain themselves it's been far more pleasant (easier) for me. It's really hard to run after two boys and keep them alive! But now they have bikes and scooters and each other to have fun with. Livvy just likes to watch her brothers or play with rocks...or ask to hold my hand so we can go on a walk. Yes, she's that adorable.

I also got a hike done already this month! And with my bestie, no less! She's really good at finding new places to explore, which I suppose isn't hard when I've never hiked in the Superstitions...but it was BEAUTIFUL! If anyone has any good hike recommendations, send them my way!

It was ALSO rainy this day, but with perfect timing we missed the downpour! It was a perfect.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a little reintroduction

I feel like I'm starting in the middle of a story, instead of having that gradual introduction and steady familiarity with the characters and story line. Consequences of my lack of action, I suppose. 

So here's a bite-sized reintroduction...

Wyatt--the eldest, craziest, and most giggly--is in first grade now. He struggles with ADD, or ADHD, we're not sure which, though he for certain has it. Jeff doesn't want to have him tested [or labled] until it starts affecting his ability to function/learn in school. So far, thanks to his wonderful teachers, he has done well. He loves school most days, can read and write, and LOVES art and recess. 

Logan is our little thinker. He is also an instigator. He's a combination of sweet and sassy, heavy on the sassy sometimes. He is very creative--loves to draw, color, build Legos, and will sit and put together puzzles for hours. The only thing he loves more than those things...are Spider-Man and BB8. Or really, all things Marvel and Star Wars. He starts kindergarten in the fall and CANNOT wait. 

Olivia is everyone's favorite. I suppose the baby usually is, so it's okay to admit it, right?? She is the sunshine in our hearts, and she makes me want to squeeze her little body every chance I get. She's definitely decided she wants a say she is quickly learning the meaning of no--which is a very hard thing to go through. She loves puppies, coloring, looking at books, and going outside. 

As for Jeff and I, we're the same. Haha, but really, there's nothing much very new. I'm still at home with the babies while Jeff works hard to make our life comfortable and happy. We just recently had our ward split and we were moved into a newly created ward. So far we're liking it, though I've been put in primary, so I haven't met a ton of people. It's a nice area, and I know I'll make new friends....probably 😂 

That's it for now! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year, New Resolutions

I haven't always enjoyed journaling, but since getting married and having children, it's been a lot easier, since, you life isn't boring now. 
Hahahaha, well, I suppose that's subjective. But I don't think my life is boring. Repetitive maybe, but never boring...

ANYWAY, back to my original thought: journaling. My main process of journaling is through Instagram, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to journal through blogging more often. I haven't obviously been very good at this the last few years, but here I am again, ready to give it another try. 

I figured I'd start off by listing my resolutions for this upcoming year!!
(Because that's not boring, right?? 😂)


  • READ SCRIPTURES  as a family every day
  • Have FAMILY HOME EVENING regularly, if not every Monday night 
  • EAT HEALTHY and EXERCISE REGULARLY (at least 2-3x a week)
  • AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA while the kids are around
  • GO OUTSIDE more, weather permitting (you know, because sometimes it's deathly hot here) 
  • Go on FAMILY HIKES once a month
  • READ one book a month
  • BAKE something once a week
  • PLAY more games
  • JOURNAL often, including blogging
  • WRITE Elder Van Capelle every Sunday 
  • BE MORE KIND to others 
  • Make Jeffrey a PRIORITY
  • GO TO BED before (no later than) midnight 
And that's it!! 
I'm doing really well so far! is only the second week of the year, so I'll let you know in December how everything actually goes, haha! 

Wish me luck!