Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's the deal?

Nothing new has happened recently, other than I'm in a constant state of being sick, which has consumed my days. It might be due to my heightened sense of smell, or it just might be because my body currently hates me. I'm always nauseous, not to the point of throwing up, just a constant ache in the pit of my stomach...like I'm starving or something...but I'm not hungry. Although I have noticed that when I do eat (or rather, when I find something that appeals to my sense of smell) my stomach ache is temporarily relieved. Temporarily.

So anyway, the nice thing about it all is that when I want something in particular, I get it :) Lovely!! And yesterday the craving was KrazySub. So that's where Jeff and I went for dinner, and it was fantastic! Until at 10:00pm when my hunger ache striked again and I had to eat something at home. I found some Cream of Wheat...an old favorite of mine, and it was yummy.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm pregnant. Not many people read this blog, or even know about it, so I'm not worried about everyone finding out all at once...haha! And the people that do read this blog probably already know, so it's allllll good. I'm only about 7 weeks along, so shhhh!! It's still a secret. But I figure I might as well blog about it, seeing as it's the only major thing happening to me at this point in time. Jeff and I are super excited...although I'm pretty sure Jeff is more enthused right now...he's not the sick one ;)

I'll keep you updated!


Noelle said...

I'm sorry you don't feel so good. But at least is for a freaking super happy reason. loves.

Celeste said...

Wow I had no idea!!! I am so happy for you guys :) Congrats!