Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was spent with the Downs clan...
...and there was a LOT going on...
(which means I took a bajillion pictures...consider yourself forewarned.)

Waaaaaaay earlier in the year it was decided that our Christmas gift from Mom and Dad would be a ride on the Polar Express, and since it would involve a trip up north to get there, we also decided it would be fun to spend our Christmas in the snow. Jeff's parent's found a house that was rented out for that specific purpose and so last Saturday night our little family made the trip up to Williams. We were worried there wouldn't be any snow, but because of the recent storms we'd been having, we were in luck! Thankfully for our drive up, the snow was a few days old and the roads were pretty much clear...

The next morning was Sunday, and we all dressed up and headed to church for sacrament meeting.
They had a very music-filled and peaceful Christmas program, and we sung almost every Christmas hymn in the songbook. The kids had fun being with their cousins and grandparents, and we might have had a few disruptions because of their delight, but it was still fun anyway. 
After church (and conquering the icy sidewalks in my 4-inch heels WHILE carrying a baby) we headed back home and got dressed up to play in the snow...

...unfortunately, that first day Logan missed out because he was napping, but he made up for it later...

Christmas Eve was also filled with lots of snow-playing and sledding...
...and pretty much every day after that too ;)

At one point we sent Wyatt down with Jacob, by themselves, and they had a little accident and flipped the sled over. Unfortunately, because Wyatt was sitting in the front, and was less experienced than Jacob, he fell head first into the snow. He had a lovely goose-egg for the rest of the day and a incredible fear of sledding for the rest of the trip...
(so when you see the scrape on his forehead, you'll know what it's from, haha)

Christmas Eve was also the day it was forecasted to snow...
...and we were not disappointed!


The snow would fall softly and beautiful one second...

...and the next it would be full force and all over the place!

And this is the event Wyatt missed out on...when he was taking a nap...
But Logan was there, making up his lost time!

But besides playing in the snow all the time, we managed to do some other things walk through the shops in town...and watch Christmas movies...and eat good food...
But we also decorated sugar cookies for Santa Claus!
(I was busy making dinner and taking pictures, so Jeffrey helped Wyatt with this one...and it was sooooo cute.)

(Wellllll...I guess Santa couldn't eat all of them, haha)

Looking back, Christmas Eve was our most eventful day, besides Christmas itself.
That night we dressed up in our jammies and headed to the Polar Express!!

Keep in mind now, it had snowed all day and so everything was covered in a powdery white...
...including our car and the roads.
(and being the smarty that I am...I was the only one to forget a jacket. I was FREEZING. Thankfully, it was only until we got into the train car, which was heated!)

The whole experience of riding the Polar Express was amazing.
It was so much fun for the kids and the adults had a pretty good time too.
When we first sat down in our spring-action seats (it had shocks or something, and was very bouncy and fun), and after the train had started moving, the "chefs" of our train-car handed out hot chocolate (at the perfect temperature) and cookies from Mrs. Claus. For extra cookies and hot chocolate we were able to answer trivia questions about the Polar Express...Christmas music was constantly playing, the conductor came by and punched tickets, and the boys had fun looking out the window. Once we reached the "North Pole" the train stopped in the little light village that had been created and we all looked out our windows to see Santa Claus and his reindeer-pulled-sleigh. We weren't able leave the train, but as soon as Santa was on-board, we started back towards home. Santa Claus walked down the isle and handed Christmas bells to every single person. Wyatt was so excited to see him. As soon as he left, the chefs initiated singing Christmas tunes and the whole train-car burst into song until we arrived back at the train station.

It was definitely memorable :)

When we got home, the kids left out cookies and milk for Santa, and spread reindeer food on the back porch...
...once they were in bed, Santa's helpers came out to set up stockings and such ;)

...and then...
It was still dark out when the kids woke up...
...but they were all so excited!

We opened up our stockings first, and then moved on to what Santa had brought.

The house was so full of presents and squeals and giggles.
We spent the rest of the day spending time with each other, opening gifts, sharing toys, and loving the Christmas season.

We enjoyed the time we spent with our family and were glad that we all could make it. 
We truly had a wonderful time. Our families are such a blessing in our lives and we thank them for the love and happiness they bring to us. I hope your Christmas this year was one of joy and peace, and that you were able to spend it with the ones you love.
Merry Chirstmas!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Logan's Latest: 11 months!

 Happy 11 months!!!
 (I'm a few days behind...)

And then he'll be a year old.

Logan is such a friendly fellow...
He smiles at just about anyone, and will let them hold him too.
He laughs when we laugh, and laughs when we don't laugh.
...he really likes to laugh.
He has a fake laugh. A forced laugh. A silly laugh. A belly laugh.
And he's really good at it too.
It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

...he has a lot of adorable things about him...

Like his crazy hair.

He really needs a haircut. 

...but I can't bring myself to do it again.
Maybe when it's summertime I can justify it.

He also has learned a few adorable tricks with his hands:
- clapping

-the high five:


- peek-a-boo:

(he can do it better than this, but he was tired...)

He is such a little man!

He and Wyatt still enjoy each other, although lately they have been known to get on each others' nerves (and mine)

And just so it's known, Logan has no intentions of walking soon, and refuses to try. I can stand him up, but he still right back down. He is completely off the baby food and will eat whatever we're eating. We haven't found anything he doesn't like (although he did spit out some carrots last night), and so his palate is expanding every day. He is fascinated with my parent's dog, Ginger, and would let her lick him from head-to-toe if she could. He is seriously in love with his Daddy and being in Jeff's arms is one of his favorite places. He's still a good sleeper, and takes a 2 hour nap every day, although cuddling is against the rules, which makes me sad. Overall, my little Logan sweetheart is an incredibly happy and handsome dude.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

we're back!

Don't panic!!!
I am back.

Hahaha, not that you missed me or noticed my absence ;)

But while I re-orient my life now that the holiday is over and we've returned from our snowy vacation...
(post to come soon)
...I'd like you to admire my wall of Christmas cards...
While I love snail-mail in general, I especially love Christmas cards...
...cute, cute families, every one.

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright, but mostly, I hope it was full of Christ and all that He represents. 

Our Christmas story is soon to come, so check back soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

sweet little nothings.

Once upon a time...

...oh, nevermind.

I've been in one of those moods lately where I don't really want to do ANYTHING on the computer...
(it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm sick of work--and I'm ALWAYS on the computer there...)

Anyway...I've still been taking pictures (with my new phone!!) and I was planning on doing posts with them, but I figured I'd just mush it all into one.


Any time the sun is in Wyatt's eyes he knows he can ask me for my sunglasses, and most of those times I don't need them...
(and for the times I do need them, and he can't have them, it's not so good for the rest of us in the car while he whines and complains...any suggestions on where I can find cute, affordable kid's sunglasses?)

He is the biggest drama queen (or king?) sometimes.

A few months ago I made a discovery...
...while trying to make dinner one night I realized Logan wasn't with me anymore, so I figured Jeff had him, and meanwhile Jeff thought I had him...
...after a while I noticed he had started crying and wasn't stopping, so on my way to find Jeff I realized he wasn't with Jeff, but that he was at the top of the stairs, by himself, sitting in the dark.
And that's when we realized he could climb the stairs.
ANYWAY, my point is, now it's one of his favorite things to do. He and Wyatt will race up the stairs together while Jeff or I chase after them like we're "gonna get you!!"

...and lastly...
We've taken the binky away.
It's been rough.
For both sides.
It happened suddenly when we left Wyatt's last binky at the grandparents' house, and so since we'd been wanting to wean him off of it for a while now anyway, we figured we'd just have him go cold turkey.
It the hardest at nap-time because if I don't rock him to sleep, he won't go to sleep at all. And now that he doesn't have his binky, it takes an EXTRA long time for him to fall asleep. And if I decide to put him in bed awake, he'll stay awake and cause havoc, and it ruins any plans I might have had to do work around the house. 
Soooo...maybe he doesn't need a nap, you think?? 
Not true. 
If he doesn't get a nap he'll either 1. Be a grouch, 2. Fall asleep later because he's so tired, or 3. all of the above.
Night time isn't much better either because he constantly gets out of bed and we are having to continuously put him back in it...
It's driving me nuts.
I've thought about giving him back his binky more than once, but I'm staying strong...


The was a miraculous day when he fell asleep without his binky in less than 15 minutes....

...and that's a little bit of my life right now!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 family pictures

It's been over a month since we took these family photos, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites now that the Christmas cards have been sent out and received ;)

Oh, and PS