Friday, January 31, 2014

birthdays galore.

This was the month of birthdays! 
(Or, well, the ones that count at least! Haha, just kidding, just kidding...)

I turned TWENTY-SIX! I'm in my LATE twenties people! And when I say it, it still feels weird.
I don't feel like I'm twenty-six, so I hope I'm not expected to own up to it and act mature...
Can't I just pretend I'm twenty-one forever??

My birthday fell on a Wednesday so Jeff and I both took the day off and spent it being lazy. We woke up super early that morning to get breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with my mom and sisters (Jeff wanted to come, so it wasn't solely a girl's get-together like usual, but that was okay☺) I had told Wyatt earlier when we were leaving that it was my birthday, and he smiled a huge smile and said, "Happy BIRTHDAY, Mom!!" It was ridiculously adorable. Then, while we were sitting at our table in the restaurant, he said, rather loudly, "It's my mom's birthday!" and started singing Happy Birthday to me, to which our entire table and some of the other occupants joined in. 
I was only a little mortified. 
But mostly pleased. 
Wyatt loves birthdays.
That night Jeff took me out to a fancy dinner at Sapporo (sushi and teppanyaki) and when we went to pick up our kids at Grace's house, she had made me my favorite chocolate molten lava cake!! I was super spoiled.

And then, two weeks later, little Logan celebrated his birthday too, turning TWO! Unfortunately, he was sick, along with Wyatt and myself at one point too, so it was a little rough. We weren't able to celebrate his birthday in any big way, but we did have some fun at each of his grandparent's houses at our Sunday dinners. The Sunday before (still being sick) we had a little celebration for the both of us at my parent's house and these were the only pictures I have. The next Sunday was at the Downses, and we had fun celebrating there too.

We were photo-bombed a lot...

Opening a few presents...

The biggest hit was this Buzz Lightyear helmet, and Wyatt was really sad that he didn't get one too.

My littlest baby is already two, and I can't hardly stand it. He really doesn't seem that old to me, and I still look at him like he's a baby. I know he's not really, but it's hard for me to admit that he's a full-fledged walking, talking, big boy toddler. He's super, SUPER stubborn, but a really good cuddler when he wants to be. He loves books and bubbles and being outside. He ADORES dogs and really wishes we had one. He wants to be Buzz Lightyear and fly a rocketship. He's still a daddy's boy, loves his mommy more than anything, and refuses to say Wyatt's name. In fact, I don't think he even calls Wyatt anything. It's bizarre. And speaking of his words, here's his compilation: 
Granny (sometimes)
All the aunts and uncles
 yes (for yes he also says uh-uh, and has since he was little. Everyone is confused by it, but we can't get him to uh-HUH for yes...)
no (or in his case, NO!!!!)
Ha-Ha (Woody)
Toy Story 
Toy Story 2
beeby (butterfly)
What's that?
Where's ____?
There he is!
I don't know
thank you
Demma (his blanket's name)
all done
choo-choo (he refers to this when he's talking about a car. Don't ask me why, I've tried to correct him, but it hasn't registered yet, haha!)
yech! (when something is gross)
I too! (when you say "I love you" he says this back)
He'll sing along with songs whether it's a familiar song on the radio or Happy Birthday or a Primary song
He knows the animal sounds for cat, dog, cow, duck, chicken, snake, monkey, fish, horse, lion, tiger, bear, elephant, owl, and frog

The end!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

catch up on Instagram

It's been a while, but here was my instagram around Christmas-time!

Emma and I made brownies with chocolate chip cookies on top--they were divine.

I also celebrated my first year with Instagram! And my first picture was the same as my one-year-mark picture! Crazy!

I found RoosVicee at The House of Rice and the boys and I have loved using it on top of our breakfasts.

My little gansta.

We loved our real Christmas tree!

I hate doing my hair, and whenever I can let it down, I DO.

I thought it was funny that he included an umbrella on this bad guy's helicopter/airplane.

Logan is my stingy smiler, except for right after he wakes up from his naps.

This is why toys are banned from my room. I find hidden daggers (LEGOS) after I roll onto them and they stab me.

An old picture of my dad, great-grandmother, and I, circa 1995, the Netherlands.

Our snow day was SO much fun...

Christmas Day!!

One of my favorite gifts from my sweetheart!
(He bought me my first bottle before we were engaged, as my first Christmas present 7 years ago)

Sunday Christmas outfits!

The boys wearing their presents from great-grandma Edwards. They could NOT stop "wow-ing" them! 
Early morning church works wonders on these boys! We were home just after 11am!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to read more books. I've finished this one already, and it was a total tear-jerker.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I found this on my Dad's camera as I was looking through the pictures for something else. It wasn't taken very long ago, but I had already forgotten about it. 
Oh, how I love my boys (and I include my Eli as one of mine, haha). 
Motherhood is tough though. 
It's not simple or easy in any way, shape or form.
There is never an easy day.
They are time-consuming.
And messy.
And just thinking about trying to raise them to be good, smart men in this horribly wicked world gives me major anxiety.
But I love them, and I love my job of being their mom.
And I wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a NEW year!!

HAPPY New Year!!
...well, I'm only 9 days off.

So, technically, still new...

ANYWAY, life in general has been pretty busy around here lately, what with new Christmas presents abounding and the concept of sharing having to be RE-learned.
Yes, RE-learned.
New toys bring out the worst in my kids because they only want to play with what the other one has in his hands. I mean, it's not like they don't have MORE than enough new things to keep them each occupied for days...right?? Yeah, they don't know what I'm talking about either.

So anyway, back to the NEW YEAR...
...on New Year's Eve we had the Van Capelle fondue night and ate waaaay too much. We barely made it to midnight by playing games to keep us occupied...and then most of us crashed. There were 3 of us who actually stayed up until 6am playing new games on the Wii U...I will openly admit to not using my brain on that one, but thankfully Jeff let me sleep in the next morning. 

We also let off some fireworks!

It freaked out the boys in the beginning, but they soon got over that and became little wannabe pyromaniacs...

(there was so much smoke!)

 It was a good night.

The next morning, where do you think my boys went, first thing?!
To the trampoline Opa got them for Christmas!
 (I'm not sure it's for the boys specifically, but they're the ones who initiate most of the play-time)

This last year was full of growth and happiness and contentment. It feels like 2013 flew by, and when I review my favorite moments I can't believe how long ago it really has been. 
Here are my 2013 highlights:
  • We celebrated lots of birthdays! Jeff turned 28, I turned 25, Wyatt turned 4 and Logan celebrated the BIG NUMBER ONE!!
  • Jeff and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary and took a mini-vacation to Utah without our boys! It was the first time we'd ever flown together on an airplane and the first time we'd ever left both boys for an extended weekend.
  • Wyatt became a Sunbeam and Logan started Nursery!
  • We went camping A LOT. And we loved every single bit of it. We went in April by ourselves when the camping season had just started, when went to SEDONA on our first (now to be annual) trip with my family for Memorial Day weekend, we went to Fool Hollow Lake with Jeff's family, and to the Mogollon Rim with both our families for our 4th of July weekend.
  • I gained another nephew, ELI! FINALLY another grandchild on my side of the family!!
  • I found out I'll be gaining another NIECE!
  • Logan started walking!
  • Jeff was promoted to a new position at work!
Overall, we truly had a blessed year, and we are so thankful for all that we have.
I look forward to making new memories this New Year, and here's hoping it's even better than the last!!