Thursday, September 27, 2012


Wyatt knows he's only allowed to color on paper...we've learned that the hard way, which, it seems, is the only way...
BUT, I digress... night I was writing in my journal, and Wyatt asked so politely if he could please color on the paper, that I said yes. I figured it'd be a cute way to remember his little drawings anyway ;)

ALSO, look at these adorable babies!!
I'm beginning to think it's true, that Wyatt looks more like Jeff and Logan looks more like me...
...but there's still a good mix of us both...

NOW what I really need is a baby picture of Jeff's dad...I think Wyatt looks a lot like him...
...we'll see what I can find...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Logan's Latest: 8 months!

7 months


8 months.

And I really did mess that up...because I really thought he was 7 months.

And just a forewarning:
...this is kind of...
...a lot of pictures.

So if you're sick of the cuteness--that is, my two babies--I suggest you stop reading this blog.
Because it will.never.stop.

Oh, Logan.
Another month has come and gone.

You've learned to enjoy Wyatt completely. In FACT, when you get grumpy, sometimes the only thing that consoles you is your ridiculous brother, who does crazy things just to make you laugh.

You throw major tantrums when you get angry. One of your fits was so outrageous that you face-planted on the tile and bruised your nose. And it was all because I had your bottle and wanted you to come to me, but instead you were stubborn.

  Bath time is the only time I let you both go crazy...but it's a contained crazy. And you LOVE it. Splashing is your favorite.

You were introduced to grass this last month. Yes, it seems crazy that at 8 months you've FINALLY discovered grass, but let me remind you of the 100+ degree weather we live in. Your reaction was less-than-impressed anyway, so whatever.

Now that you're crawling, Wyatt has shown you numerous secrets on your adventures together. One of them being the secret of disappearing. I don't like it very much.

You and Wyatt love playing together, although you've both still got some learning to do on the art of sharing. Good thing you know how to dump out the whole toy box.

You also got your SECOND hair cut this month. It was just as hard as the first time. But I knew it had to be done so your hair would be just the right length when we take our family pictures in a few months. Your mommy is a champion thinker-aheader.

You have the most adorable closed-mouth smirk. And you use it often.

You are 100% boy and love cars.

You are the happiest when you first wake up.

You started babbling a little more this month. And I love the sounds you make.

I don't know what's up with your fingers, but you do lots of things with them...
 ...including this little hand signal where you put your finger in the "number one" position and shake it around. Daddy and I have started chanting "We're number one!! We're number one" whenever you do it and you laugh.

You've started mimicking us more. Especially when we blow raspberries. You LOVE that.

You keep getting more and more irresistible. I know you think I'm biased, but I promise that you're the cutest baby I know.

You've also started climbing on things...make that EVERYTHING.

And the biggest development??
 I know you can't see them very well, but they're definitely there! They both came in on Sunday, and it made you a little cranky, but thankfully for only that day.

I love you sweetheart!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

All in a day's work.

 I was interrupted in Relief Society today by a familiar-sounding child enthusiastically saying "HI!!!" to everyone.
I turned around to find it was actually MY child...which wasn't so abnormal.

What WAS abnormal though, were the obvious black streaks smeared across his face.
His nursery leader just laughed and said, "I guess they were drawing faces on their balloons and he hugged his before the ink dried! Oh, and it's permanent marker."

...followed quickly by...

"The reason I came to get you though is because he has a stinky diaper."


Friday, September 14, 2012

pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure I have the cutest kids.
 And I'm pretty sure I say that a lot.
 But I'm pretty sure it's ONE HUNDRED percent truth.
Just in case you didn't get the memo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you really knew me...'d know that the smell of arizona rain is one of my favorite scents.'d know I am proud of my dutch heritage.'d know I love being a mother--that it's been the greatest joy and hardest lesson in my life.'d know that food is one of my biggest weaknesses, and that I'm not afraid to try anything new.'d know I have a hard time making friends.'d know that I am a thrill-seeker, and a self-proclaimed dare-devil.'d know I refuse to admit that I'm bossy, even though I know it's true.'d know I'm very close with my family.'d know that I took after my father and am a clean-freak.'d know that I am embarrassingly shy.'d know that I love baking and wish I had more time to do it.'d know that I'm a night owl and stay up to midnight or later most nights.'d know that I love doodling and painting and drawing.'d know my ideal vacation would include a road trip, the beach, and a book.'d know that while I love shopping for shoes and trying on clothes, I'd much rather be outdoors exploring the world.'d know my guilty pleasure is watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.'d know I can't wait to grow old with my husband.

Monday, September 10, 2012

rainy days equal cozy days

This year's monsoon has been beautiful.
And I really don't remember the last time it's rained so much in just a few months...
...and even now, the rain is pouring...

...last Friday I woke up to a loud crack of thunder, followed by the realization that it was still dark outside and already 8:30am.

Mmmm...stormy weather.

I don't know about you, but anytime it's overcast and raining, I want to stay in bed all day and snuggle...maybe read a good book or watch a movie...
I have kids now.
SO, the very next best thing, since I couldn't do that, was sending Wyatt outside to play in the rain, while I watched and reminisced.
I suppose I could have followed him out, but something about taking the time to shower and dress more than one person afterwards was NOT appealing.
I guess that equates to me being lazy...

But nonetheless, I enjoyed watching Wyatt run around and jump in puddles. Logan really wanted to join him, but after almost face-planting into the cement, he was okay with just watching. (He's enjoying his new-found freedom in exploration...except when it results in injury)

Starting out all dry...

But ending up very wet and VERY happy...

Logan and I just chilled

These are from different days...

And then this is just random, but I was going through my phone pictures and realized I had these similar pictures of my babies...I just want to pinch their cheeks!!!

 Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the weather where ever you are as much as I am here!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm one of THOSE moms....

I like to take a lot of pictures, okay??
They don't all end up on my blog or being printed, but I need options!! So I take a lot of them...because that increases my odds of having suitable results.

...look at me, using math...

ANYWAY, all of the men in my life (those being Jeff, Wyatt and Logan) hate my incessant picture-taking...which makes it hard to ever have fun taking silly pictures...
...but occasionally I torture them, and force my will...


And see, at the beginning I can get some cute shots!!

"Look, Mom! See? I can be adorable!"


...but it can get pretty ugly, really quickly...

"Mom, seriously?? I just gave you a kiss."

 "I can strangle you instead?"

" I'm pretty sure we just went through this."