Thursday, January 31, 2013

glow-in-the-dark water

 My friend Emily did this with her boys for FHE, and I thought it was so cute, I did it too... was wonderfully cheap (think Target dollar section, 1 pack--which has 12 sticks for $1) and the boys had fun (and me too!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

we'll never grow up.

The girls and I have been planning this weekend to Overgaard for a very long time.
It's been rescheduled multiple times, cancelled once, and negotiated all over the place.

BUT...we did it!!

And even though it didn't end up exactly as we planned (read that, when we finally arrived that night and turned on the water, we realized a pipe had burst, and water was pouring from the we didn't have running water the entire weekend) we still had so much fun.

It was nice to stay up late talking, to not worry about our lovely children, to play games and make crafts, to be silly and spend time with each other, to enjoy the rainy, cold weather... was a great weekend with my best friends.

{our craft was to make yarn wreaths}
They all turned out SO cute, and we were all SO happy with them. Unfortunately this picture isn't the greatest, so I'll have to borrow one from Noelle's camera sometime...

{we're really just children}

{no, really, we'll never grow up. Obviously.}
I promise these aren't the most embarrassing pictures that were taken.
...and really, these were just a tribute to the olden days when we played dress-up for real in these clothes...I guess the only difference now is that they actually fit us, haha!

 ahhh, so many memories ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013


Logan's birthday party was very impromptu.
Originally we were going to celebrate with the extended families on our assigned Sunday dinner nights...but then that fell through (because I forgot).
Then, the morning of his birthday, I texted the family and told them to come over that night for cake and to watch Logan stuff his face...
...we had a very full house that evening, but it was a lot of fun. Simple, but worthwhile.

...and I know these pictures will seem a bit repetitive, but I couldn't help myself! I tried to narrow my list down, and this was the best I could do, haha!

ALSO, Logan had a doctor's appointment on his birthday where he got FOUR shots AND his blood drawn. It was traumatic.
BUT, to my complete shock, he did not have any after-affects...which is weird because he usually feels under the weather for the rest of the day and the next...
His 12 months stats:
Weight: 20.6lbs (27th%)
Height: 29 3/4in (50%)

Logan's Resume:
  • He's got 6 teeth, with no more in sight. I keep wondering where those other bottom two are at??
  • He shakes his head no, but not because he means no...but just because it's fun.
  • He LOVES to mimic sounds/noises/actions that we do.
  • He points to EVERYTHING and asks "Whatisit?" or "Whatisthat?"
  • He LOVES watching movies. (I remember Wyatt couldn't sit still for two seconds, let alone watch most of a movie!!) His favorites include Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Despicable Me.
  • Food is still his favorite thing, after Mommy, Daddy, and Wyatt of course. Though, we've recently discovered that he does NOT like peas.
  • He still sucks his tongue to soothe himself.
  • We're working on body parts (not sure how much is being understood) but he definitely knows "bellybutton." It's really funny to him.
  • He has taken a few steps, but only 1 or 2 at a time. He would much rather crawl, and is no where near being interested in seriously walking (even though his younger cousin is already doing it...)
  • He has started making baby sounds when he's trying to be sweet or tender...think awww's and ohhh's in a higher-pitched voice...he did it to a baby (not that much younger than him) and to me when I was sleeping, haha! 
He's pretty much the cutest one-year-old ever.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's really strange that I've all of a sudden had a hard time deciding to cut the boys' hair...
...for some reason I kept thinking it looked cute and suitable for little boys...

...but I finally decided it was time...
(read that, I was tired of hearing about how they needed haircuts)

So I buzzed their little heads...
...and now I've got twinners!
(I may or may not have cried when I realized how much hair I'd cut off from Logan's head...)

I've always buzzed Wyatt's hair, and so I think he looks really cute with his short 'do, but it's been harder for me to adjust with Logan's new look...I keep missing that I can't run my fingers through his hair and have it brush up against my face...
BUT...their hair will grow back, so I know I'll be able to do those things again eventually...
Next time though, I'll wait and let a professional (AKA, my sister) do it.

Thank goodness they're cute no matter what! ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the BIG number ONE.

Time is a miraculous thing.

And it boggles my mind...
The other day I was thinking about the time it takes to create a baby--9 months.
In only 9 months two single cells become a living, breathing, functioning being.
And to simplify it, my brain thought of it this way...imagine putting two cells in the microwave "time-cooking" it for 9 months...and then out pops a baby instead.

Weird, I know...but still...


ANYWAY, time has also brought about the first birthday for my little Logan, who now, doesn't seem so little anymore...

I still can't hardly believe it's already been a year!
In some ways it seems like it's gone by so slowly, when I focus on different memories or milestones...
...but it most ways, it flew by...

I feel like I just brought him home from the hosptial...
...and yet, he took his first steps a few days ago...

Time is miraculous.

Two haircuts, 6 teeth, and many, many laughs later, my Logan sweetheart has TURNED ONE!
Happy Birthday, darling boy!! We love you SO SO much!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

fun time at nighttime

Bath time is a little more challenging these days since I now have TWO boys that like to make messes...but I guess they're more fun when they're rambunctious :)

Do you think it's time for a haircut yet?? (and I mean for both boys!)

Tonight was a little different than most nights...
I gave the boys their bath early (while Jeff was downstairs cleaning) and afterwords I "tried" to fold laundry and watch Despicable Me with them.
( don't mind my horrible messy bed...)

It's difficult to multi-task when babies are involved.

So between the crazy games of peek-a-boo and watching a movie, I eventually got the laundry done...

It's a good way to make sure the boys are REALLY tired and ready for bed :)
Sleep tight sweethearts!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wyatt is fun

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day, not only because I love breakfast foods, but because I have some of the best interactions with my babies during breakfast.

This morning was one of those times.
Here's the story:

Wyatt was so excited this morning when I pulled out a new box of cereal for breakfast. He sat and studied the orange box of Mini Wheats carefully (pointing and asking about different things) and when he was ready to eat them, this was our conversation:

Wyatt: Mama, can I have that?
Me: Sure. (poured some cereal and then milk into his bowl)
Wyatt: ... (picks up one mini wheat and looks it over, puzzled) ...
Wyatt: Hey Mama (obviously confused)...where are the eyes?!?
Me: Hahaha!!

And then, by some miracle, I just happened to snap this picture which encapsulates the whole experience.
It was hilarious.