Sunday, February 27, 2011

...yeah, we're from AZ

On our way home from church this morning (yes, this morning...we have 8 o'clock church) it started raining, and it was the weirdest thing too, because it was just one long strip of rainstorm--on one side it was sunny, and on the other side it was sunny, and we were caught right in the middle. It was awesome.

As we were just about home, I noticed it wasn't falling like normal rain. Instead of it running down the window, it was more like a big splat that just sat there. It wasn't hard at all, not like hail, and when we opened the window we saw snow...or ice? Or was it SLEET? :)

Only Arizonians would be excited over this kind of trivial weather

It reminded me of Sonic ice...

Our backyard, and the sea of grass.
 (Way to go should have cut it BEFORE it decided to rain, haha...)

The rooftop

...I even found it on the window pane...
It's such an abnormal experience, so I had to document it. Even as I'm typing right now, the sky is sunny and the sleet is all gone...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It takes two... get this boy to smile on camera!!
(I have to sit there, ready and waiting with the camera, while Jeff stands behind me and tries to get Wyatt to look my way and smile...!)
 ...and when he actually does, it's adorable.

 He's getting much better at walking, although he's still more comfortable with crawling...

 ..and this is a wave goodbye as he's crawling away...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My jammin' baby

My sister had her MP3 player out while Wyatt at their house, and being the curious creature he is, he wanted to know what was going on...and it was HILARIOUS. He was rockin' out and singing all by himself, and has never seen either Jeff or me with earphones was awesome.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's getting better...! WALKING!!

*side note*
Jeff didn't know I was behind him recording this at first...I love to see him play with Wyatt, it gives me the warm fuzzies all over :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Centered around sweethearts

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I remember when we were taking these pictures of just the two of us, they kept telling us to kiss...for some reason every time we'd look at each other we'd start laughing, and then kissing didn't make it any better, haha! We're just the biggest goofballs. Which is one of my favorite qualities of Jeff--he makes me feel so comfortable I can always be myself around him...again, we're just a couple of goofballs, crazy in love ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ben had a birthday, shout hooray!!

Before I dive into the birthday festivites, I just wanted to show this picture. Notice anything...strange??
 See that unusually small person...standing up?!
Wyatt is still trying to figure out if he really wants to walk or not. He will do it on his own now, but he's still not 100% sure of himself and he'll only take a few steps at a time...he still prefers to crawl.

Moving on though!! Group shot, minus our beloved Gracie...
Ben is the crazy one on the far right, and he turned 13, which we all know is a BIG deal because it finally means...he's a TEENAGER!! Oh, to be a teen again..., actually, I'm thoroughly thrilled to be done with that stage...sorry Ben :)
 He got some pretty cool stuff this year, including some Suns tickets, new ASU shorts, a 'lazy' outfit (sweats?? I guess he'd been asking for them, haha), a bag of dum dums, suspenders, a shirt, a little camera, and a gaming/lounging chair....he thought it was all, in his words, "COOL!!"

...and of course, we can't forget Wyatt, who probably felt like it was a party just for him...boxes and wrapping paper galore!!
 We thought it might be fun to send Grace a little surprise ;) 

 ...but he eventually popped out and decided it wasn't too comfortable...sorry Grace, I tried.

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I REALLY wish I could have found some more pictures of the 3 of us. We've sure had some great times growing up. Unfortunately though, my dad has them on his backup hard-drive, and who knows where that is or how to set it up...I'm sure it's overloaded with usernames and ridiculously long passwords and voodoo magic...

ANWYAY, I'll take what I can get.

I love my sisters. It's definitely something that's come with age (haha) and it grows stronger as we grow older.

...probably has something to do with maturity...but...nah.

I can't wait to see them married in the temple and bless me with some beautiful nieces and nephews. I can't wait to see them accomplish their goals in education. I can't wait to be their best friends forever.

BUT MOSTLY, I can't wait to be old ladies with these girls and still be making fun of each others' butts...or boobs...or overall general appearance...that's what we do!!
Hahaha, not really.
but seriously...

Enjoy a little look into our nerdiness!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love him.

Love him, love him, love him.
the end.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part 2 Homemade flowers

So this is part 2 of the homemade flowers, even though it's really the first part, haha. I just hadn't had the time to get them from my parents' camera...

So here's the mess we made :)

 And a few of the flowers we you can see, we pretty much stayed with the purple theme, as that will be one of the wedding colors...:

Emma did NOT want to model her headband for was super cute Emma--get over it.

A few people asked for a tutorial, and I will put one on here the next time we make these flowers again...which should be in a week or so. If you don't want to wait, I think my mom got the idea from someone else's tutorial that she found on youtube, so feel free to browse there too!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ride on

(going through my phone pictures again...)
A few months ago we took family pictures with my side of the family at a Target Portrait Studio. They have games and little toys for small children to keep them occupied during the wait...

And what does Wyatt find?

A motorcycle. And he rode it like he knew what he was doing--there was no posing.

Right on...
...or is it ride on??

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not so hot...

I'm grateful for Wyatt's usually good health.

The last 2 days have been sad days for Mr. Wyatt. He's been sick with a cough and a fever, and although I sure love his cuddles and rosy cheeks, it makes me sad to see him feeling so yucky. He's never been sick (other than right after he gets his shots, and that usually only lasts a few hours) and thankfully the doctor told me today that he doesn't have the flu or any ear infections...he's just sick and he'll just have to work through it. (Dang coughs are viral, so there isn't any medication to get rid of it...phooey!)

But, since I haven't really experienced this side of him, I'm truly grateful to have a healthy little boy. It makes me appreciate the happy, sweet spirit that I was blessed with.