Saturday, November 30, 2013

learning new things.

Today was pasta-making day at the Downses, preparing for our family Christmas get-together in a few weeks. I've never made ravioli before, so this was fun, especially since it was a group-effort. Plus, they were tasty!!

And can you guess what else we did today?!

Friday, November 29, 2013

birthday money

Wyatt received some money for his birthday, some from his great-grandma and some from his friend. He decided he wanted to get a new toy (as if he didn't already just get a whole new slew of them), so we agreed to take him to Target after a birthday dinner to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We did tell him though, that he should save some of his money and put it in his piggy bank. He was more than eager, so I told him he could choose between spending the four $1 bills or the one $10 bill. I assumed he'd want to spend the four $1 bills, since there were "more" of them, but he surprised me and picked the $10 to spend. I guess it was because he wanted to put "more" money his piggy bank, haha!

He thought it was hilarious to make it "rain" money...

He was thrilled with dinner--bread with butter, spinach and cheese raviolis, and then spumoni ice cream!

At Target he was seriously debating what he wanted to get. Every time we'd turn into a new isle he'd gasp and change his mind and want something else. He finally decided on an miniature Iron Man figurine, an Imaginext surprise character, and a box of Swedish Fish. He was so excited to pull his money out of his pocket and give it to the cashier, saying, "That's my birthday money!" (Too bad our cashier was lame, and didn't match his excitement. I don't even think she was paying attention...)

He is seriously so cute. Happy Birthday again, little man.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving was PACKED with things to do, and even though I probably didn't do very much, it seemed like I was going, going, going ALL DAY!
I was in charge of making pies this year, which I didn't mind, but I was up late the night before preparing the pie crust (after I got off work), and then up early the next morning to bake them before I left to have breakfast at my parents. I was planning on making all the pies from scratch, but scratched that idea and bought a Costco pumpkin pie to ease my stress. The other two, a blueberry and an apple, turned out lovely and tasted even better. I was thoroughly RELIEVED. Haha, I think I stress too much...

Jeff, thankfully, wasn't injured while he played in the (tackle) Turkey Bowl.
Dinner, thankfully, was bountiful and delicious.
The weather, thankfully, was beautiful and breezy.
Black Friday shopping, thankfully, was not as crazy as it could have been, and even though we were out until 1am, we got what we wanted and had a great time doing it.
Our children, thankfully, spent time with one another and grew their friendships.
Our families, thankfully, are loving and generous and happy and well.

And to end my Thanksgiving post, I can't go without saying how grateful I am for my life, and for all the blessings I have been given. I don't know why, but sometimes it's easy for me to overlook all the happiness I am blessed with and just focus on the negative. But I am seriously blessed with SO MUCH happiness. I have a wonderful husband, who tries to make me happy in each and every thing he does. He loves me and he loves our children. I have two beautiful children, who are healthy and strong and smart and loving. I have a home, and it is FILLED with laughter. I have a caring Heavenly Father and Savior to lead and guide me. I have the gospel and the knowledge of truth. I have a purpose in life. I live in a place of freedoms. I love my life, and I am thankful for everyone and everything in it.

Jeff wrote down a few things as well:
I'm thankful for a beautiful wife who makes me happy.
I'm thankful for 2 healthy boys that test my patience, but bless my life.
I'm thankful that we live in America.
I'm thankful for ASU football.

Wyatt said he was thankful for his birthday, the ipod, cars, toys, primary, family, friends, books, and "a big belly with lots of food in it."

Logan said he was thankful for fingers, Opa, Buzz, and Eli. Haha! A few of his favorite things ;)
(I'm sure the rest of the family is included!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Instagram repeat

Here it comes again, my life through Instagram this past month:

I was in Phoenix to participate in a child's music group with the boys (it went horribly, by the way, and I was so traumatized, I never went back) and met up with Jeff afterwards, who was working right down the street. We then met up with his parents for lunch at a Thai restaurant, where the boys behaved like the angels I wish they always were.

Lovely miss Emma sneaked a picture onto my account with some sweet words...

 Hey, remember that time my sisters and I had an apple pie contest? No?? Well that's because I forgot to blog about it. Don't worry, I took real pictures with my real camera, and I still never got to it. I'm amazing at failing, just so you know. Anyway, Grace, (Grace's sister-in-law) Heather, and I made homemade apple pies and let everyone else judge them anonymously...and obviously the pro baker won, no contest. That would be Grace. Next year we hope to have more entries because it was a lot of fun!!
(side note, my own husband put my pie as his LEAST favorite!!! Haha, i really don't care, but I'll never let him live it down! At least both my dad and my father-in-law chose mine!!)

My sisters made me try on lipstick. And I still hate it.

Jeff was gone one weekend and so I had to take the boys to church by myself for the first time ever. We survived.

One of my favorite pictures...

I had leftover pie crust from the apple pie contest, so I let the boys decorate them with sprinkles and stuff...

You've probably already seen these...

This was from the Downs girls weekend!! Woohoo for actual documentation! I only wish I had one with Denine, but she was out running in the rain to bring the car to us (because she's awesome like that!)

We've been experimenting lately with letting Logan eat on his own with utensils. He still likes to sneak his fingers into whatever we're having, this time it was cream of wheat.

Ooooh, the good (or not so good) high school prom days...

Wyatt has a problem with getting out of bed after we've already tucked him in for the night, so this night (and like most other nights) Jeff put him in the corner. He likes to cry, and wail, and stomp his feet while he's there, but after a few minutes he suddenly went quiet. Jeff went over to check on him and had to turn around abruptly and stifle his laughter. He told me to go look, and this is what I saw.
Yeah, I don't know either.

Date night!

Both Wyatt and Logan REALLY  love Eli, but I'm not sure the feeling is mutual, haha!

I love having my hair brushed, even if it means my 4 year old brushes it down over my face and tells me to "Hold STILL!!" every 5 seconds...
(he's a bossy little fart, just like his mom)

Halloween sisters...

another look at Wyatt's monster cupcakes...

Awwww, my baby...

I love these shoes. 

the end!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nerd alert!

Guest whose hunky husband just joined the ranks of nerdhood?!

Jeff has needed glasses for a long time now, probably even before we were married (so he claims), and he finally broke down and went to see the good 'ol optometrist.
 (AKA I scheduled an appointment for him).
I went with him to the exam, mostly just to help him pick out his frames, but I guess it worked out better than we realized, since he had to have his pupils dilated and he was seeing fuzzy the rest of the night...
ANYWAY, he just got his glasses tonight and I think he looks great!! He's definitely the hottest nerd ever, and my real life superman :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

I will openly admit to not being the most awesome birthday planner. I, for one, like to keep it simple and the less stress the better. Obviously, there's always a little stress when planning anything really, but seriously, I like to make it easy for me--something I know will be fail-proof, and is guaranteed to be a success. That usually means a play-date at the park with friends, and cake if you're lucky. I figure it won't matter so much while he's still too little to remember his birthdays, and as soon as he starts going to school and making friends, I promise to put in more effort, haha! 
That's my justification.

Anyway, my "low-key" park party turned into a full blown themed monster party, thanks largely to my sister Grace. She is the queen of Pinterest and would find all these cute ideas for a monster party, and tell me how easy it would be, and how cute it would turn out, and on and on and on...
...trying to motivate me I suppose.
It didn't really work.
Except that I did make monster cupcakes...
...and I bought paper products to match the theme...
Oh! And I made party favor goodie bags with little monsters in them for the kids who came!
( maybe her persistence rubbed off on me a little bit...)

So I told her if she wanted to, she was free to do whatever she wanted, but I made it clear that I wanted a LOW KEY affair...

And then she went and did her creative thing and made the party super, uber cute.
You are amazing, Grace.

Wyatt was THRILLED.
(And that's probably an understatement.)

He has been talking about his birthday since before Halloween, asking every day if it was his birthday, or when it was, and practicing saying he was 4 while correctly (and sometimes incorrectly) holding up 4 fingers. The morning of his birthday he crawled into our bed (which is not uncommon, the stinker) and excitedly whispered, "It's my BIRTHDAY today!" His excitement literally lasted the ENTIRE day, and I'm positive he made everyone feel like they gave him the best birthday present ever, because every time he unwrapped a gift it was like he was AMAZED at how awesome it was. Not joking. He was a hoot.

We were so thankful to have so many loving friends and family, who care about Wyatt, come to celebrate with us. He is a major handful, but even more so, a major sweetheart. The party was amazing, and thank you again for all those who came!

(and just to clarify, yes, Grace made this monster photobooth, and it was a huge success)

Happy Birthday to the cutest 4 year old EVER!