Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cutie #2

It's unbelievable how fast these babies grow!!
One week has already come and gone!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Am I done yet?

It's my first day as a mother of two...
(because technically, while my mom was here the week after Logan was born, I never had both of them on my own)

...and here's what I've been up to so far:

  • I woke up to Wyatt wanting to come into my bed and cuddle...a few minutes later, around 7:30am, Logan woke up to be fed
  • I fed Logan and tried to keep Wyatt from smothering him with his over-enthusiastic love
  • Logan fell back asleep right after he was done eating, so I put him back to bed in his crib
  • I turned on Sesame Street for Wyatt while I went downstairs to sterilize some bottles and my breast pump (I decided since I'm still semi-engorged I might as well start up a little supply)
  • I came back upstairs and pumped breast milk
  • I turned off the TV and changed Wyatt's diaper and put clothes on him
  • We were headed downstairs for breakfast when Wyatt decided to yell really loud and woke Logan up...so I went in to get Logan and found that he had soaked through his pajamas, his blanket, the crib sheet and the crib pad (my fault for not changing him before)...SO, I took him out, laid him on a towel on the floor, and pulled off the sheets
  • I then put new sheets and blankets in the crib
  • I gathered all Logan's dirty laundry in one hand, held Logan in the other, and told Wyatt to come downstairs with me, and I started the wash.
  • I put Wyatt in his highchair and gave him a banana to munch on (Logan still in my one arm)
  • I cleaned out one side of the sink so I could start running warm water for Logan's bath
  • I went back upstairs, with Logan, still pee-soaked, and gathered his bath towel, new clothes, a diaper, and wipes
  • I gave Wyatt some dry cereal
  • I undressed Logan, changed his diaper, bathed him, dried him off, put lotion on his body, dressed him and combed his hair
  • I fed Logan again, while Wyatt made a crumby mess...and pooped.
  • Logan fell back asleep and I walked back upstairs to put him in his crib
  • I walked back downstairs, swept the floor around Wyatt, pulled him out of his highchair, and washed his hands and face
  • I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it (I thought I might as well since I was still downstairs and Wyatt loves it)
  • I went back upstairs and changed Wyatt's diaper (I foresee potty-training in near future?)
  • I folded his clean laundry that had been sitting there for a few days
  • I went back downstairs to make myself some oatmeal, and left Wyatt in his room, playing with toys
  • While the oatmeal was cooling, I got the laundry out of the washing machine and separated it (some goes in the dryer, some doesn't)
  • Wyatt had come back downstairs at this point (I think he smelled my oatmeal) and he sat in my lap while we ate it together
  • I went back upstairs and hung up the wet laundry to dry
It's now only noon, and I feel like the day should be over. It's not like this every day, right??

Am I done yet? Nope, not for another 20 years...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's called "labor" for a reason...

So I guess it's pretty obvious that having 2 kids is pretty time-consuming...especially when one is 2 years old and running all over the place, and the other needs to be fed every 2 hours...

...I thought it'd be good to write down my labor story so I don't forget...plus it's always interesting, or at least I think so, to read others' stories...

Tuesday January 17th 
I had a doctor's appointment that day, with one week until my actual due date. It was really depressing though when she checked my cervix and nothing had changed since the week before--still at 2cm and 75% effaced. She asked if I'd had any signs of labor, which, of course, I hadn't...just like with Wyatt. I really wasn't interested in being induced because I REALLY REALLY wanted to go naturally this time, but when my doctor asked me if I wanted to schedule a day to be induced, I caved. We originally scheduled it for January 22nd, but I called back later and asked to have the date changed to something after my actual due date. So we decided that if he wasn't here on his own by the 26th (my due date being the 24th) I'd be induced that morning at 3am. My choice to be induced mostly came from the fact that I knew he was going to be big, and I don't know about you guys (or gals, rather, haha), but I'd rather push out as small of a baby as possible, if you know what I mean...AND...I was so done being pregnant. SO DONE.

Saturday January 21st
I didn't have to work that day, so I was looking forward to a stress-free 3 day weekend. Jeff and I didn't have any plans, which was unusual because for the past few months it had seemed like we'd been busy EVERY weekend...weddings, holidays, birthdays...EVERYTHING. Anyway, we spent the day around the house, and at one point while Jeff was cleaning, I decided to take Wyatt and go to Target. I didn't really have anything to get, but I went there with the purpose of walking around, hoping it might trigger labor. We were there for a couple of hours and when we finally came home, while I went to the bathroom, I noticed I had bloody show. Now, let me also preface this by saying that I had ZERO idea of what to expect for labor, other than what I'd read. With Wyatt I was induced and hadn't experienced any signs of pre-labor, and so again, I was completely unsure of when or if I was actually going into labor. I tried not to get too excited, but I was glad I was one step closer than I'd ever been. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Sunday January 22nd
4:30am- I woke up and remembered having a dream about an instruction class on what REAL contractions felt like. A few minutes later I realized I had woken up because I'd actually HAD a contraction. I didn't know if it was just a Braxton-Hicks contraction or a real one...
5:00am- I couldn't go back to sleep, and I'd started timing them after I'd noticed they were coming regularly--every 7 minutes, like clockwork. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, thinking that maybe by changing my position and emptying my bladder, they might stop...but they didn't AND I noticed more bloody show. That's when I got really, SUPER-DUPER excited because then I KNEW I was in real, actual labor. I was a little confused though because I thought contractions were supposed to be more painful, but I figured I was just in the beginning stages. I didn't wake anyone up, and I started packing my hospital bag.
6:00am- I went downstairs to watch TV and write down the times of my contractions.
6:30am- I heard Jeff wake up, and he came downstairs when he noticed I wasn't in bed. We decided to watch a movie. My contractions were still coming every 7 minutes.
7:20am- My contractions were coming on stronger at this point, but not any closer. I noticed I had to concentrate on my breathing and I wasn't able to talk when Jeff would ask me questions. I decided that maybe we should go to the hospital, just to see what was happening...maybe I was dilated more? We tossed the idea around for a while, debating if it was worth it or not, and eventually decided just to go. I was afraid the hospital wouldn't admit me, so we held off on sounding the alarm.
7:45am- We called Jeff's Aunt Launa (who's family lives just down the street) and had one of her daughters come watch Wyatt, who was still sleeping. Once he woke up, she took him back to their house and got ready to take him to church.
8:00am- We arrived at the hospital. The contractions were more painful now, and I had to stop walking for one on our way in...
8:15am- I was admitted into triage where a nurse hooked me up to the heart and contraction monitors. I got and IV and had to answer a ba-jillion questions and sign paperwork before she even checked me...
8:30am- She checked me and I was 7cm dilated!!! We were completely shocked...and then we figured we should probably let our people know, seeing as I wasn't going to be sent home...
10:00am- I walked to the Labor and Delivery room and got settled in...

(At some point my family arrived...but they were quickly sent away because my contractions started coming much stronger and my nurse was SURE that I'd deliver him quickly..)

Soon after I'd arrived in L&D, the doctor on-call came in and broke my water, and that's when I started losing track of time. After that, my contractions were incredible. HOLY.WOW. My L&D nurse was really nice and super supportive. I had mentioned that I wanted to try and go without an epidural, just to see if I could do it naturally. She was a great coach, along with my Mom and Jeff. I don't know what I would have done without them all! I tried all sorts of different positions to help with the pain--on my side, on my knees, on the birthing ball, standing and leaning on Jeff--and it seemed like nothing helped! My nurse kept telling me, "Just 5 more contractions, you'll be ready to push...just a little bit more, and you'll be ready..." but every time she checked me I'd still only be at 8cm/9cm. A few times I begged for the epidural, but everyone kept telling me it was too late. Eventually though, (after a few HOURS of this) when my nurse could see I wasn't progressing, she offered it to me...and I rejoiced. Literally. I had never been so happy to see a needle in my entire life. Those contractions were THE WORST pain I have ever experienced. Thankfully though, throughout this whole process, Logan's heartbeat never dipped at all, which was one of the reasons my nurse tried for so long to get me to progress...the biggest issue was that he wasn't coming down...

1:07pm- I got the epidural. The nurse told me to take a nap.
1:20pm- The epidural kicked in. Oh, sweet relief. I really LOVE epidurals--I can still move my legs around (it's limited, of course) and I can still feel my contractions, I just can't feel any of the pain! Kudos to you women who can go through labor all natural, you amaze me. Truly. Maybe one day I'll try again. Maybe...
2:15pm- They started prepping me for BIRTH!!
2:20pm- I loved how casual everyone was while they were getting ready...it was really calming. Everyone was real chatty and when the doctor came in, we started talking about how we were going to take it nice and slow...
2:25pm- I'd only pushed once, and that was enough to push him down and almost out...the doctor kept telling me to push slower...what?!
2:28pm- One more "slow" push, and Logan Peter Downs was born! 9lbs and 21 inches long! AND ABSOLUTELY NO TEARING!! (Can I tell you how amazed I was?? My recovery has been minimal, and the strongest painkiller I took was a few IBprofen...A.MAZ.ING.)

So a few things to note: After Logan was born, the nurse told me there were a few reasons why I wasn't progressing: ONE: I was constipated. Hello. Yes, I was. And apparently that made it hard for him to come down...blockage, anyone? TWO: He was face up, instead of face down. While I was pushing the doctor flipped him around and apparently he came really quickly after that. THREE: He was 9lbs!! Wait, so you're telling me my body doesn't accommodate the size of the exit for the size of the baby?! Someone needs to fix that problem...

So anyway, I guess I might have been able to do it naturally if all or some of those things had been different...or so my nurse tried to convince me. I'm still thinking an epidural is the way to go though, haha!

But he's here and he's healthy and we love him so much already!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Logan Peter Downs!!
Born Sunday January 22nd at 2:28pm
9lbs, 21 inches long

So it's a little busier with 2 kids!! Crazy, right? Hopefully this video will keep you entertained while I find the time to write my labor story and get more pictures taken/uploaded. 

This is Wyatt and Logan's first meeting...enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

drumroll, please...

Not pregnant???

Hahaha!! I WISH!!
39 weeks 4 days...only 3 days left!

Little stinker boy has decided to take his sweet time and I'm having this suspicious feeling of deja vu...
Last doctor's appointment nothing had changed...still at 2cm and 75% effaced. Boo.
We decided that if he hasn't come on his own by January 26th, I'll be induced BRIGHT and EARLY.

Please, please, please, please let him come...

I have one more doctor's appointment before then, on my due date, so we'll see what's going on at that point...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a bubble bath interrupted.

Sometimes I just need a relaxing moment to myself...

...and Jeff just happened to buy me some bubble bath from B&BW for Christmas, so I thought I'd take a time-out from the world...

...wellllll...it was fun while it lasted--for the 2 seconds it took to start running the water...

...and then I was joined by this stinker. Good thing he makes bubble baths even more fun.

Spaghetti-face anyone?

Haha! He wasn't sure what to think about getting the bubbles all over his face!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sooner...not later.

The end is near! I can feel it!! This pregnancy has been a little more rough on me, and not as enjoyable as Wyatt's, and so I'm already anxious to be done...

38 weeks! I had a doctor's appointment today and I'm 2cm dilated and 75% effaced!! Which is further along than I ever got with Wyatt on my own! With Wyatt I was at 1cm dilated and 60% effaced for four weeks...I'm hoping with each week I'll keep progressing! Oh, AND she said he's dropped!! Good news for me!

Also today, after my appointment, I got to go to the hospital to do a Non-Stress Test! Yippee! Not.
My doctor always asks me how he's moving, and usually it's a definite "all over the place, all the time..." but today, I voiced my concern that he hadn't been moving as much the past day and a half. I was actually a little worried last night when I was talking to Jeff about it, because usually I feel a good elbow in my side or some kind of big movement, but I hadn't noticed anything at all yesterday...and when I tried to get him to move, he wouldn't do much. Now, that's not to say that he wasn't moving at all, because he was, just not like normal. So when I told my doctor she told me to head over to the hospital, just to check out his heart rate with the NST. 

Lucky me, within the first 5 minutes the nurse told me he'd already passed the test, but that I'd have to stay the full 20 minutes anyway. BUT, she did try to make me feel a little less dumb by telling me it's better to make sure everything is fine rather than ignore the possibility that it isn't. Ha.

ALSO, since I'm almost done with this pregnancy, I thought I'd do a little recap, like I did with Wyatt...you know, just for fun...

WORKOUT ROUTINE: Wait, I'm supposed to workout? I thought BEING pregnant was a workout in and of itself?? Haha, we'll count running after Wyatt as my workout routine then...

MOST SURPRISING SYMPTOM: Heartburn. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. And it's not like regular heartburn...this is the DEVIL'S heartburn because I'll only get it at night, before I go to bed, or HOURS afterwards and it'll wake me up from a dead sleep. I even get it if I have anything to DRINK before I go to bed. RIDICULOUS. I never had it this bad with Wyatt.

FAVORITE PART: My favorite part is definitely still the sensation of feeling him move. It's weird, and surprising, and sometimes painful, but I love it. I love knowing he's alive inside of me.

MOST TERRIFYING PART: That he'll be late. And then, in turn, be HUMONGOUS. Please, please, please, please be on time (or preferably, EARLY...)

MOST FREQUENT CRAVING: QT crushed ice--heaven in a cup.

MOST ANNOYING SYMPTOM: Stretch marks. Apparently already being stretched out isn't a good enough reason to stay away because those dang stretch marks have come with a vengeance. I only got one with Wyatt, and with this guy...I'd rather not count.

WEIRDEST SYMPTOM: I never had this symptom with Wyatt, and so it's definitely weird to me--round ligament pain. I feel crippled because of it. Every time I wake up in the morning or any time I've been in a singular position for too long, when I get up to move the muscles that hold up my uterus send a burning pain sensation throughout my lower half. It started being super painful around 30 weeks, and now I'm just used to it...but not really.

FUNNIEST MEMORY: Just so you know, this may not be the most appropriate, but we think it's hilarious. When Jeff and I were first trying to tell Wyatt we were having a baby, we would point to my belly and say "baby." At the time, he knew what a baby was, but I'm not sure he quite understood that there was one in my belly. ANYWAY, I think we confused him because now when we ask him where the baby is, there's a 50% chance he'll point to my boobs...which we call boobies...and so the fact that they sound so similar, everything in that general area is a baby--my boobies and my belly.

WEIGHT GAIN: Starting weight: 127lbs Current weight: 159lbs...so that's a difference of...a lot.

And, of course, I have to give credit for this idea to my fellow blogger Emily, since she did all the work! Thanks Em! Hopefully there won't be another belly picture and it'll just be of my newest little one!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I laughed.

While I was in Wyatt's room, on the computer for a second before he went down for bed, I heard him saying, "Night, night Elmo." I turned around to find that he had spread his blanket on the floor, was giving Elmo a hug, and then would lie down with him. I thought it was hilarious.

But then it got better because when said, "Are you going to tuck him in bed? He needs to lay down on his pillow..." he immediately pulled Elmo up and put him to bed.

You might need to turn up the volume...we had to whisper because Elmo was sleeping!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

my not-so-big big boy

...as you may (or may not) remember, one of Wyatt's birthday presents was a new "big boy" bed. We didn't go and get it until black Friday though, and even then, it's still taken another month to get it put up. We're big slackers, I know. But lately I've got the nesting bug, and I decided it needed to go up...NOW.

...something about the impending birth of another child and the need of the crib for said child.

So Wyatt was booted out of the nursery and his crib all in one day, and we moved him into the spare bedroom...New Year's was his first time in the new bunk beds, and although he was already asleep by the time we put him in the bed, he slept soundly through the night. And thankfully his transition since has been pretty easy. He did wake up last night crying, but was fine as soon as I found his binky and put him back in bed. It's low enough to the floor that he can get himself in and out and I'm not too worried about him falling out. 

Just woke up from a nap!

He loves his sheets and points out every car and bike and truck...

The one thing I'm not ready for is his newfound freedom. Now that he can freely get out of bed whenever he likes, I'm worried about the messes I might find if I don't wake up before him...


...he did surprise me this morning by waking up and coming right to me...all of a sudden I heard the little rustle of his diaper and when I opened my eyes he was at the side of my bed wanting to cuddle. So we laid in bed for another 30 minutes while I tried to wake up...

{the new and the old}

On New Year's eve each year, my family always has a fondue dinner together...I guess it stemmed from a tradition my dad had with his family in Holland, and I don't know why I didn't know that before, but he told us at dinner this last time that the "fondue-ing" use to last for HOURS...because it's more of a social event than anything, and everyone gets together to talk and have a good time. 

We didn't really eat for hours, but we always make New Years eve very social, and we stayed up playing games and talking while waiting for the New Year...I love it.

We had the whole gang...thankfully Grace and James hadn't left for Idaho yet, and we were able to squeeze in one more family event :)
Our fondue consists of marinated meats that we fry in oil...accompanied by dips and vegetables and bread and all sorts of good stuff.

Wyatt was in love with this peanut sauce my dad makes to dip bread in...
...so much, that we decided to just put in on his tray and let him do his own dipping, haha!

...working off those calories playing Just Dance on the Wii...!

...toasting the New Year!! With Martinelli's of course!

I'm going to miss these two! Even though their newlywed-ness sickens me at times, haha! Just kidding guys! 

Me and my babies...minus Wyatt...
I can't hardly believe 2011 is gone!!! When I look back at the year, I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude and love...here are some of my highlights from this past year:
  • Wyatt learned to walk!! (Yeah, weird, I know...at the beginning of last year he wasn't walking yet...)
  • I had TWO siblings get married in the temple! And now I've gained TWO siblings that I love...Tim married Amy, and Grace married James!
  • I got pregnant with our second boy!
  • I got promoted twice at work and was able to support our family a little bit better while Jeff finishes school and tries to find a better job
  • Jeff received his Associates Degree
  • Jeff celebrated his 26th birthday, I celebrated my 23rd birthday, and Wyatt celebrated his 2nd birthday
  • Jeff and I celebrated 4 years of marriage!
  • We were able to make 3 trips to Utah to visit my family before my grandparent's moved out of the house I grew up in every summer...
  • I was able to take my first trip to the east coast to visit my best friend Danielle in Rhode Island
  • Wyatt started talking...using REAL words, haha!
And again, these are just a few highlights from this past year...here's to 2012 being even better!!