Monday, March 31, 2014

But first, let me take a selfie!!

I am SO BAD at blogging these days!! Does anyone even read this anymore?! Haha, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't! I need to remember this is for my own personal documentation--I want to remember these memories...I want to remember my babies...I want to remember.

We'll see how good I can be.
(Cross your fingers)

So anyway, I'll be backdating some posts, so be sure to check the previous entries, but for now, here's my life through Instagram:

I really don't like for my kids to sleep in the car during nap time, so I try to keep them awake. Logan tries so hard for me, haha!

Smoothies with sisters. Always good times.

My kids act like I'm a jungle gym.
(photo bomb, courtesy of James.)

My little heartthrob.

Here's the story with this one:
Me: Wyatt, come pick up your bad guy from off the kitchen floor!
W: That's not a bad guy, that's a mommy!
Me: What?! That's not a mommy!
W: (looking super confused...)
Me: Ooooooh!! It's a MUMMY! Haha!

The boys LOVE steel cut oats and fruit for breakfast! (Me too!)

We're cute sometimes...

Worst mother award goes to me: this was the first time my children used sidewalk chalk.
 They loved it.
Wyatt even drew his first family portrait!
Why is Mom's bed better than anyone elses'?

Logan likes taking selfies.

I know it's just a glorified milkshake, but it's the MOST AMAZING glorified milkshake. Ever.

I cannot BELIEVE how incredibly handsome my boys are.

Oh, you know, just trying to look pretty...

Playing with blocks and watching Cinderella.
A perfect combination for boys, right??

Logan's first test-trial on the bottom bunk. I think he liked the spaciousness.

Looking through my earrings is like playing I Spy...
...I spy bicycles, butterflies, unicorns and birds...

We went to see the high school production of Beauty and the Beast, and it was awesome! It was even better that Jeff's cousin had the lead role as Belle!

I love my family.

The End!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

another post with sisters.

I am not at all embarrassed if people see me without my "pretty" face on.
And maybe that's not even it.
Maybe I am embarrassed, I just don't care
And, to be honest, it hasn't always been that way--I can remember being mortified if I left the house without all my makeup on and done.

My sister is currently in that phase.
She is BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup. 
But she HATES me when I try to take her picture sans makeup.

I tried to make her feel comfortable by saying she'd fit in since we'd all just woken up and looked like death...
...but apparently that wasn't comforting.

I finally got one eyeball.

See?? Emma doesn't care!!

Haha!! We're awesome.

Maybe one day Grace will be awesome like Emma and I.
But I don't know.
Emma has a lot of awesome and has set the standard high.

Sisters are the best.

(AMY, WE MISSED YOU!! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN IN OUR AWESOME MAKEUP-LESS PICTURES!! You're sad you skipped out on it, huh ::wink wink::)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dad said I could!

Dad thought it would be funny to put them in the stairwell window.
They thought it was funny too...

"Look Mom! We're doing something we're not normally allowed to do!! Ha ha!"
Dads are rule breakers.
Or, they are at our house, apparently.
Gotta love them.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Spring is here!
And unfortunately it's leaving next week!
Take it in while you can, and enjoy these beautiful nectarine blossoms with me...

The boys love them as much as I do!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

he gets it from his mama.

The goofball gene runs deep in our family.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

We are a happy (and crazy, and weird, and quirky and...) family!

You need to click on that picture and take in all the goofy sibling goodness.
I mean, COME ON.
We are amazing!

Seriously though, that one is for the ages.
I love my family.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I spy...

 I found these two boys at the open bathroom window, spying on Daddy, who was washing his car...

Monday, March 3, 2014

baby Sydney

The month of February passed faster than I realized and I wasn't able to document things as they happened. Time to catch up I guess!!

Probably the most exciting event happened weeks ago when my niece was born! We threw Meaghan a shower on a Saturday, and the next Thursday Sydney was born--talk about perfect timing! I don't have very many pictures of the darling Sydney (she is only a few weeks old), but she's a doll.

(Shannon, Denine and I spent a whole Friday night working on this mobile! We saw something similar at a Pottery Barn once and recreated it perfectly! Meaghan loved it!)

Wyatt is thrilled to have a new cousin and talks about HIS cousin to anyone that will listen. He loves to hold her and rub her fuzzy, little head.
 People keep telling him to ask his mommy for one, but he's been very disappointed with the answer...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Phoenix Suns!

WAAAAAAY back in December, when my sister got her new car, they gave her a TON of Kia Suns ticket vouchers. We got a few, my dad got a few, and my brother got a few. We picked our games, and finally went to see them play in February. I let Jeff pick the games (since I obviously have no basketball knowledge) and they were AMAZING! The first one was against the Miami Heat, and it was a good, close game. My dad and brother joined us for that game too, so that was fun...

(I also rode the lightrail for the first time...)

The second game we couldn't find our voucher. We weren't planning on going, but then my dad gave us his voucher for the game since my youngest brother had a campout and couldn't go anyway. We went with my other brother and his wife, and actually got to sit next to each other since we weren't far away from each other. This game was against the San Antonio Spurs, and while still a good game, not as competitive, seeing as the Suns gave them a beating.

Go Suns!