Thursday, May 26, 2011

You like cake?

Hey guess what?!
I've been married 4 years today! FOUR years. It really doesn't feel like that long, but...that's longer than my high school experience. Werid.
Anyway, in honor of our anniversary I decided I'd share a clip from our reception...

Be warned. This movie is rated I-NF for:
 Inappropriate Narrating Friends.
(Just so you know, the narrators are my best friends Danielle and Malu, and Meredith)

My FAVORITE part is when I tell Jeff to "Be nice."
...that's right before I shoved the cake in his face, if you were wondering.
And yes, it was planned that way. I'd been scheming all day...

...there's cake coming off my nose. Flattering, right?

I love this picture simply for the reaction on everyone's faces...

I really can't believe how fast time has flown! 4 years down, only an eternity left to go...
I love you Jeffrey! Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 I guess it wasn't the WORST day ever...

 Okay, so my day got better.
Wyatt actually fell asleep on the car ride home...after, like, 2 minutes.
When he woke up from his nap, and I went in to get him, I looked at him with a stern frown and told him he hadn't been very nice...he ducked underneath his hands, and peered at me from between the crib slats...and smiled.

So anyway, things are better, and I just wanted to share a few pictures I took tonight of my chipmunk-faced-baby-boy.
Look at those CHEEKS!!

Haha, he kept blinking when the flash would go off, so that's why his eyes are always closed...

...but it's so FUNNY!!


Today I experienced my first public meltdown.

{From Wyatt.}

...I'm still not over it, since it did just happen 15 minutes ago...

Here's how it all went down:
I like to go grocery shopping right before Wyatt's nap. He's usually always in a good mood and by the time I get home he's fallen asleep in the car, or he's just about to...
SO, just like I always do, I make a few quick trips to 2 places: Superstition Ranch Market and Albertsons.
He was perfectly content at both places UNTIL I'm in the checkout line at Albertsons (perfectly planned on his part--just waiting until I can't escape...)
 Now, at Albertsons, for those who aren't familiar, your cart goes on the left, and you go on the right. The conveyor belt is circular and so it's hard to grab anything after it's been put on it...
ANYWAY, I'm emptying my cart of THREE things, when Wyatt sees the bananas...and literally GOES BANANAS. He starts screaming...not whining, not crying, SCREAMING.
 I picked him up hoping that would calm him down a little bit and I tried talking to him and asking him to be patient and told him that he could have a banana in just a minute...
Oh, wait. But the ONE LADY I decided to stand behind in the EXPRESS LANE decided to take her sweet time. So instead of it being 'just a minute' it turned into 'just a five minutes that seemed like a lifetime.'
But wait. It gets worse.
Wyatt decided that instead of calming down, he'd just scream the ENTIRE TIME. (Well, he did take a few breaths...)
 I'd pick him up and he'd arch his back. I'd put him down and he'd stomp his feet. He decided that RIGHT NOW was the perfect time to have his first full-blown, out of control, temper tantrum...and I couldn't get away. I couldn't just leave the store like I desparately wanted to. I WAS IN THE DANG CHECKOUT LANE.
I couldn't do anything to soothe Wyatt and the old hag in front of me thought it would be GREAT FUN to torture me. The person behind me kept asking me why he was crying, like I didn't know how to shut my own child up...he kept saying, 'Well, maybe he wants this...try to give him that...' and I just wanted him to shut up too. EVERYONE was looking at me. I'm sure the WHOLE STORE could hear my child screaming and was wondering why I couldn't make it better. I kept trying to laugh it off, and said, 'Oh, it must be naptime...'
WELL. FINALLY, it was my turn to check out--the cashier was looking at me like he was sorry and the bag boy was literally looking at me like I was crazy. No joke on that one...he was giving me the crazy stink eye. While I was trying to swipe my card and enter my pin with my out-of-control child squirming in my arms, one of the older women who worked in guest services came over and gave Wyatt a squeaky toy. 
 He shut up immediately. She ripped off the tag, and said, 'He can have it.'

And then I walked out. Mortified. I realized I was sweating when I finally sat down. And then I cried. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

officially official

He's now an official graduate with his cerificate of degree!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

today was a nice day... was overcast, windy, and chilly.
AND Wyatt just happened to take a REALLY late nap (he didn't wake up until 5pm, and even then, I had to go in and get him up) and whenever that happens, I'm always afraid he'll have a hard time going to bed.

So my solution?? Tire him out.
We walked to the park and let him run around for a little bit.

On our way out:

Wyatt likes to go off on his own (within sight, of course) and turn around a wait for us...

First thing, the swings!
 (sorry for the overload of swing pictures...he's just so dang cute!)

...and Dad did some acrobatics...

Photo op with the rainbow!

...and then down the slide... the static-y hair, haha!

He tried flying a jet for a little while...

and then switched over on to the thing-that-spins-around-really-fast-and-makes-me-nauseous...

And then we walked back home and lived happily ever after!!
Hahaha, well, that was only after the screaming fit Wyatt had because he saw another little boy with a water bottle and he couldn't have any...
...needless to say, he was definitely tired when we got home and went to bed, right on time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{bird's eye view}


For the time being, we're chick-sitting...
(we're watching them until they're bigger and can handle living with the meaner chickens at my parent's chicken coop...)

Monday, May 16, 2011

peach daiquiri

I got this nailpolish for Mother's Day.

What's your favorite nail color?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a little boastful.


Be warned.

I'm going to be a little boastful right now...because...

Today was Wyatt's first day in Nursery.


Jeff and I both dropped him off and he literally just went in, took a seat, and started looking at a book.
No goodbyes (I was afraid if he knew we were leaving him he'd start crying)
No apprehension.
No questions.

Wyatt: Oh? You've got toys, and snacks and other kids for me to play with? FINALLY.

Jeff and I would periodically check up on him during the next 2 hours, and he was perfectly happy. His teachers said he was really mellow (MELLOW?!) and didn't cry once.

I'm a little sad that he didn't want mommy or daddy, but church today was...well, I was able to pay attention!! I was able to stay in my classes and actually LEARN something! It was wonderful!! And it's so funny now that I'm saying this because before I was a mother, I never appreciated sitting, uninterrupted, while listening to the lesson that had been prepared. was absolutely awesome.

So anyway, we basically have a perfect child, who, right after church took a nap, which left his routine on schedule. Another plus to Nursery...


Saturday, May 14, 2011

eatin' pizza

Today was Wyatt's uncle's birthday! Happy Birthday Brigham!
We got to celebrate with him and went to Peter Piper Pizza. I'm not sure if Wyatt's ever really ever eaten pizza before (maybe the crust?) but he sure liked it!

...and so did everyone else, haha!


Also at the birthday bash there were GAMES and lots of things to do! Well, IS Peter Piper Pizza, after all...

Wyatt went up and in his first 'jungle gym,' with the help of Daddy, of course, haha!!

Do you SEE that face?! Haha!

He had his cousin Jacob to hang out with:

...and Jacob was so kind enough to share his seat on the mini-merry-go-round!
(there were TONS of free loaders that wouldn't get off the other seats while we used OUR tokens)