Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 For some reason it always seems summertime is slower than the rest of the least, it is that way for me. I know for those in school, summer vacation probably flies by, but I can't seem to get over the endless heat. I mean, we still have 2 1/2 more months of it!!
It also could be that every day is spent inside and so the days can get pretty monotonous. It seems like the boys and I have the same routine every day, playing with the same toys, reading the same books, ect. It's even too hot to play in the pool!! I know I should mix it up a bit and take more trips to the library or go swimming early in the morning, but...I'm lazy?? Isn't that a summertime thing too?? Haha, I'll work on it...

But here are a few things happening lately:

I went shopping with my family (mostly my sisters) and at one point my dad asked us girls to help him find an outfit. WELL HELLO!! That's our favorite thing to do!! We might have been a little over-enthusiastic (making him try on multiple shirts and modeling them for us) and I'm not sure he'll ever ask us again, but he like what we picked out!

I got Jeff a propane grill for Father's Day, and we've really enjoyed using it. One day I found these two playing peek-a-boo while Jeff was outside...

I got this football helmet for a Halloween costume a few years back, and the boys love to play with it...
...Jeff's dreams are coming true!

After spending a day out and about, I was exhausted. When I came home to my bed I found Logan already there watching a movie, so I just lied down on the edge. It didn't take very long before he had found his way onto my back and made himself comfortable and finished his movie...

Oh, and Happy Pioneer Day!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The only time I'll purposely be a cow.

Last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-A and anyone who dressed up as a cow received a
Who can say no to free food??
So Wyatt and I dressed up (and Grace and James and Mom too) and we headed over for our free dinner. (I opted out of dressing Logan up since he wouldn't have kept his costume on anyway, and really didn't need his own meal...Jeff wasn't with us, so he missed out, boo.)
Emma was working frantically, and obviously the place was packed with cows, but we had fun (and were definitely the cutest cows there, haha!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the continuation of the Instadump

Is it bad that I find it easier to capture the day-to-day, spontaneous moments in life with my ipod?
I'm a little torn...
On one hand, it's so much easier and convenient than my real camera, and I can whip out the ipod in a second and take mutiple shots of whatever is happening that moment...
...but on the other hand, the pictures aren't very high quality, and I don't always take the time sort through them and email them to myself so I can document each moment...
(whereas with my camera camera, I make the time to sit down and upload my pictures and then at the same time I blog about them...)

I guess I should just be glad that I'm taking pictures, right?? :)

{Logan came up to me with this bib and wanted to wear it the rest of the day, haha!}

{Jeff finally put up my window valance!}

{some days motherhood is hard and tiring.}

{the supermoon--which was less impressive than I'd hoped.}

{cool dude}

{In my primary lesson I had used facial expressions to help show the sunbeams the variety of feelings we have. Wyatt was obsessed with making faces that week, and wanted us to make scary/angry faces...he thought it was hilarious, of course :) }

{Logan's new haircut, courtesy of Grace: a Eurohawk!}

{I found a dead scorpion in my clean shirt, as a pulled it out of my washing machine. Wait, just kidding. It was still alive...until I whacked it with my shoe.}

{Almost done!}

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wyatt's Words, third edition

Wyatt sometimes has a hard time going to sleep when it's time for bed. He has a whole hat full of tricks to get him out of bed, even if it's just for a few minutes. Tonight, after already getting out of bed to go potty, and ANOTHER time to get a drink, I found him outside my door again, and this is what happened:
W: Mommy, will you tell me a story?
Me: If I tell you a story, you have to stay in bed and go to sleep...
W: Okay! Will you tell me the Papa Bear story?? (referencing Goldilocks)
Me: Yes, I'll tell you the Papa Bear story...
...I recite the story of Goldilocks and the three bears...
Me: Okay, time for bed...
W: No, mommy, no! Will you tell me the story about Jesus Christ??
Me: (how can I say no to that?!) Okay, fine, one more story and THEN it's time for bed...
...there's a lot of stories about Jesus...
W: Jesus Christ??
Me: Yes, Jesus Christ...(I told the story of when Jesus called the children to him, "for such is the kingdom of God.")
Me: OKAY. Time for bed.
W: I want another story about Jesus Christ...
Me: ...

I was on the computer looking at pictures I'd taken from our recent camping trip, when Wyatt walked in...
W: Hello Mommy. How are you doing? Are you being good?
Me: (taken by surprise by his questioning, I stayed silent and processed the questions...)
W: Are you being good? (his eyes widened and looked seriously into mine)
Me: ...yes...
W: Good. Did you text Daddy?
Me: Huh?? Haha!

One morning I caught Wyatt eyeing some candy I had recently purchased. When he realized I saw what he was looking at, he used his 3-year-old logic and said:
W: Those are gross. They're not for you, you don't like them.
Me: What?
W: M&M's.
Me: I can't have M&M's?
W: No. Candy is not for you.
Me. So you get candy?
W: Yes. I  like them.
Me: ...

Wyatt has picked up this habit to get himself in less trouble. Whenever he does something he knows I don't like, or when he accidentally makes a mess or is acting like a crazy person, this is what happens:
Me: (as I come upon his destruction) Wyatt!!
W: (immediately) It's okay Momma, it's okay! See?? (and starts to correct whatever is askew)

Wyatt has also started calling me "Sweetheart" when he's trying to be nice, or especially when he wants something. AND I LOVE IT.

This morning, Wyatt was pretending to be a doctor and when he actually found an "owie" on my heel (and old cut that was healing, but still had a scab) he was so excited. I was on the move (getting dressed and sorting laundry) and wasn't really paying attention until I realized he sounded like me...
W: (Down on the ground with a little lid and one of his little cooking utentils pretending to stir some kind of concoction) Hey, there's an owie right there!! I'm going to fix it...
Me: Oh? Hmmm...
W: Mommy, don't move!! Don't move Mommy! Stay still! Now I'm gonna clean it to make it better (applies some of the pretend concoction) It doesn't hurt, okay?? Shhhh, it's okay... (applies more of the concoction) Don't move!
Me: Okay...
W: Where are the bandaids?
Me: Oh, I don't think it needs--
W: Here they are!! (pulls out a pretend box of bandaids and pretends to apply one to my heel) ::Psht:: It's all better mommy!
Me: Thanks!

(Reading Dr. Seuss in a very serious fashion...)

Friday, July 12, 2013


He was so proud of himself I almost felt bad for bursting into laughter! :)
(He INSISTED on getting dressed by himself today with NO HELP...and he ended up with everything on backwards, haha!)

Monday, July 8, 2013

{the weekend of the fourth}

If you haven't seen enough camping pictures, let me entertain you with some more.
I was raised in a family that enjoys camping trips, and I married into one that loves it just as much.
So you add that together and it means we go camping...A LOT.
And we never complain.

So this last weekend's trip was our annual 4th of July/Taylor Rodeo camping trip with the Downses. This year, though, my family was invited to join us! 
We occupied three different camping sites, all adjoining, and had a marvelous time enjoying our 4-day getaway. 
We kept it simple, and had fun being lazy (well, as lazy as you can get with 2 kids...)

I only took pictures from a few of the times I actually brought my camera out...
...the first time was when I took Wyatt canoeing with uncle Ben and Lukas!

Wyatt and I were sandwiched in the middle, but we didn't mind since we didn't have to paddle, haha!
(I take that back...Wyatt really did wish he could have used the oars!)

We all decided to be a little adventurous...

(I was standing on the tree stump just under the surface of the water, and it was very slippery...)

We also stopped to explore a little...

(they climbed to the top too...)

Back at camp, the hammocks were the favorite spot (all three of them...)

We also had a plethora of animal life in our camp, and besides the dog and kittens my family brought, we saw squirrels, chipmunks, ravens, bluejays and ELK!!

And since we camped at the Aspen campground, I really wanted "hike" the Rim Walk, which was only a few miles away.
(Wyatt would have been in this picture, but he was being cranky)

The second and third days brought rainy weather, which we didn't mind so much...

...until it threatened to rain on our rodeo.
But thankfully the show went on and we only had to endure a drizzle for the first half hour...

The fireworks were beautiful and we made it back safely to camp, where, the next day we packed everything up and left for home. This was the last family camping trip of the year, and so unless Jeff and I take the boys another time, we'll have to wait until next year...
...I hope we go again, because I love it.