Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We play and play and play all day...
First it starts in the bathtub:
Get the ducky!
Then we play with lots of toys! Today it's the stackable rings!

...and then it's time to crash on mom's bed...

Friday, April 23, 2010


While climbing the secret stairs to the upper lair of the Downs' residence, daddy catches a rare glimpse of mommy and Wyatt interacting in their natural surroundings...

(this dang camera has not one, but THREE, flashes...which then causes Wyatt to have a look of confusion, instead of his original smile...)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

...the days go by...

It's funny how the death of a camera can change my habits so drastically. I used to have a new post on this blog every 3 or 4 days, and now that I don't have my camera I don't feel like blogging at all. And I guess I can't blame my lack of blogging completely on the camera. I've been sick/stressed/busy/lazy/tired/indifferent. So there.

Anyway, a few things have happened recently that I don't have pictures of:
1. My mother-in-law, with the help of Shannon, finished Wyatt's quilt. It's so super cute, I need to take a picture of it to show it off.
2. Jeff and I are painting the downstairs part of our house. It's going to take forever. But when it's done, I'll be sure to post an update.
3. My mom bought 4 chicks, and one of them is mine!! So I'll be getting fresh eggs in about 5 months...
4. The chair railing in Wyatt's room is FINALLY finished!! Jeff's birthday present from his family was to help get it done, haha!
5. My hair is falling out like nonsense. I swear, I'm going to be bald by next week. Ugh.
6. Wyatt is getting so big and cuter by the second:

Last week (I think) I was at my parent's house with Mr Wyatt. My parent's cat had one kitten 4 weeks ago, and she's just barely starting to walk. I brought the kitten over for Wyatt to see, and in a moment of neglect, I turned around to see Wyatt giving the kitten the death grip! It wasn't serious--he had just barely grabbed the fur off of her back. The kitten, however, didn't appreciate it very much and was crying for mom. He thought it was so fun...silly boy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My chunky monkey

Wyatt is going to be 5 months on Friday, and I've started to notice that he's beginning to show interest in MY food, haha! He usually doesn't sit at the table with us anymore because he grabs for our plates...but recently, if he has been in my lap, I've started bringing my fork or spoon to his mouth--and he opens it expecting me to feed him!! It's so funny and amazing how babies just know what to just comes naturally! Anyway, I've started letting him nibble on different things at the table...I started with a bread crust, and he's now tried broccoli, carrot, cucumber, and little bit of tomato sauce. The other day I was drinking a glass of orange juice and he was SO curious...and I decided to let him try it:
Babies must really pay attention to our every moves, because he acted as if he knew what to do! He grabbed my glass, brought it to his mouth and wanted to swallow something. Now, the actual process of swallowing is still something he hasn't mastered...half of the orange juice ended up on his onesie.

He made the funniest faces because of the sourness....but he kept wanting more, so I guess he must have liked it! Don't worry, I didn't give him very much...and like I said, most of it ended up all over was mostly just a taste :)

I was also eating some Reese's (my absolute favorite) and Wyatt took an interest in the gold foil and bright orange bag:
I know I saw it somewhere! Where'd that dang candy go??
And lastly, the random picture of the post:
This is Wyatt and my stuffed frog. How much fun would it be to have an stuffed animal as big as you are?!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

fyi...this is a long post of random cuteness.

So I was going through my parent's camera and found these somewhat recent photos...enjoy!

These are my sibs. Gotta love 'em! We're at the zoo near the Meerkat exhibit...I think this little cave is supposed to represent something...but I can't remember what.

Wyatt had an accident at Oma's house. He had to take a bath in the sink, haha.

New outfit!

On the computer with Opa:

We had a Girl's night (plus Wyatt) when the boys went on a camping trip for the Father/Sons. We dressed up in our jammies and got free dinner at Chik-fil-A!

He tried out a new swing! Really it's old...about 18 years old.

He holds the bottle all by himself!!

On My dad's birthday we gave the wrapping paper to Wyatt...

...he thought it was interesting...

...very interesting...

Our first family picture where Wyatt is actually smiling too! (We had help from Opa, whom he smiles at no matter what!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny Baby

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny Baby came and visited us today!

Isn't he a doll??


And in other news, we discovered what Wyatt would look like with pink hair:
(don't mind all the hands...we were trying to distract him, heehee)

Oh, and it's also my dad's birthday today!! Happiest Birthday, Dad!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted some updates about Wyatt, and that's because my camera died!! It was strangely all of a sudden that it decided to not work...I promise I haven't dropped it too many times, and the day it stopped working nothing happened that would have caused it to shut down. It will turn on if I hold the on/off button down, and I can even take pictures that way, but if I let go then the screen goes black and everything stops working like it's turned off...except that the lens stays's so bizarre. And it makes me sad. I hope I can get it fixed, but I don't know where to go.

ANYWAY, on to Mr. Wyatt!! He's growing so dang fast!! He's to the point now that he can keep himself occupied and happy for extended periods of time...

And the newest accomplishment?? He can sit up!! He'll still topple over, though, if he doesn't have both hands down to steady himself.
(He also got his first rash, which still hasn't completely gone away...when he got his shots, he had a fever and developed heat can kind of see it on his neck)

He still drools like a champ, and loves to chomp on his fingers...or my fingers...or anything that he can stick in his mouth...

And, yes! He can stick things in his mouth now!! He's gotten quite good with his hands, and is always reaching for things...

Sadly, we believe the culprit of his drooling and constant chewing, would be his teeth coming in. It seems like it's been months, but just lately it's really started to bother him and he's more fussy than usual...dang teeth!

Holding him makes me realize how big he's getting...I put him up to my tummy and try to imagine him fitting in me again, but he's so big! I need to go through his closet and put away all the clothes that are too's hard to believe how fast they grow and change. But anyway, he's growing healthy and strong and is so fun to be with...I love my little man!