Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey, so guess what??
...and I hate it.
I mean, I love it, but I hate it...you know?
I'm really glad when the weather warms up--the flowers are blossoming, the desert is green, I can go outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin...
...and then all that ends in about a week, the weather shoots up 20 degrees in an instant, everything dies, boils, or burns and we have to survive through the next 5 months of insane heat.

Well, the week that we experienced a normal summer (our "spring"), it was a balmy 90 degrees and I went and visited a friend's home. I got the grand tour of her beautiful house (which is AMAZING) and then we let the kids go out and play in the sprinklers...

...and as you can see, the backyard mostly dirt right now, but she's in the process of trying to grow grass...
...and obviously, the sprinkler plus the dirt plot equals mud.
Mud HEAVEN, that is.
...the kids didn't mind, of course--what child doesn't dream of becoming a mud-pie?
(well, if your's doesn't, Wyatt sure does. And Adria too. They were quite a pair.)

I suppose Logan wasn't very interested. After testing out the water and realizing he didn't like the feel of mushy mud between his toes, he was a bit confused and preferred to watch from the sidelines, warming his body on mine and soaking my pants.

Wyatt, on the other hand, was on-board instantaneously.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you,

Adria and Wyatt: 
Synchronized Frolicking in the MUD

Yes, they had quite a time jumping and splashing in the mud together...

...and Logan said, "I'm outta here."

Silly cuties.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

when did we become so old??

When you get married, just as you inherit a new family, you also inherit new friends. I was lucky enough to join an awesome group of people through Jeff's friendships with them.
The craziest part of this picture, to me, is that when Jeff and I were first married, it was only Jesse and Curtis (and Jeremy). They then met and married their spouses, and we've all had children, and our group has grown. Jeni (who is not pictured) just became engaged, and so our group will expand again...
...sadly though, we'll soon be saying goodbye to Jesse and Stacie and their family, as he has gotten a new job in California. We are so happy for them and are excited for an extra excuse to see the beach, but we are also completely heartbroken. Especially Jeff. 
(Although I'm not sure he'd use that exact terminology...but then again, maybe he would, haha)
I'm so thankful for best friends and for lifelong friendships.
Good luck Jesse and Stacie, we'll miss you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

our overnighter.

This last weekend was one of my spur-of-the-moment, let's-get-out-of-town, getaways. 
I'm really good at that, if you didn't know.
...most of the time it doesn't work out because I work on Saturdays, which messes up any 3-day-weekend plans I could have had (I don't work Fridays), but last Saturday, I was off!
And not only was I work-free...
...but the calendar was unmarked, unblemished, and open.

Which, like, never happens.
Like. Ever.

SOOOO, while I may have had dreamy plans of scrubbing the house from top-to-bottom, my get-out-of-town itch overwhelmed my need to clean and Jeffrey was more than willing to agree.
We planned the trip Thursday, I packed, cleaned, and prepared Friday morning, and we left Friday afternoon around 2:30.

But to do what, you ask??
Well, go camping of course! 
(I am married to a caveman, and I have two rowdy boys to please...plus I like it too, haha)

Both boys fell asleep the instant we were on our way.

We had checked weather conditions before we left (it was going to be COLD) and I had Jeff call the campground to make sure fires were permitted--no way was I spending the night without a fire in freezing weather.
We went up to the Rim, and stayed at the Aspen campground near Woods Canyon Lake. We were there the very first day the campgrounds opened for the season...obviously, it was meant to be.

We arrived around 4:30, and had our pick of the camping sites...there were a few people up there already, but it was mostly empty. I'd say it was almost perfect, except for the wetness from the recent snow (we even got a site next to a new outhouse! Yay for no stench!)

While Jeff was setting up the tent, I took the boys around to find fodder for our campfire...on our excursion (which really wasn't that far) we ran into some elk (I think)! The way the sites are set up, it surrounds a little meadow, and 4 elk were grazing off the new grass. It was unbelievable! Jeff was a little too brave for my liking, but again, he is the caveman.

After our little elk adventure, and after the tent was set-up and filled with our sleeping bags, we started a fire and put dinner on to cook. 

...and maybe snacked on a few things while it was cooking, haha!

I had made tinfoil dinners and they were yummy. We also had fun making s'mores, although Wyatt and Logan much preferred theirs deconstructed--just raw marshmallows and graham crackers, separately. Better for Jeff and I though, although I'm sure we had too many.

Wyatt was really good about the fire, and made sure he stayed enough away. He knew he wasn't allowed to poke it with a stick, but we let him throw pinecones in and he thought that was great. Logan had already had problems walking on the uneven ground in his boots, and so I held him most of the night, so there was no worry with him.

We put the boys to bed together, and surprisingly, after only 5 minutes of unending laughter, they stopped and went to sleep. I was genuinely shocked, but then I realized how it must be too freezing to stay out of bed. Jeff and I followed a little while later, but I was so sad to leave the fire. It got to freezing that night, but thankfully we all kept warm. The boys did eventually join us around 4am, but they went back to sleep after I warmed up their frozen hands...

Jeffrey, my caveman, woke up early to search for more wood and start another fire while the boys and I slept in...well, slept in as far as 7:30. Then we had breakfast and had fun exploring.
(Wyatt liked to collect sticks and put them in a pile...he'd then bring Jeff over and show him the pile and ask, "Daddy, will you throw this in the fire?" knowing he could only throw pinecones in himself)

A tree hollow?

Or a munchkin cave??

We packed up a few hours after we woke up, and on our way out stopped by the Rim walk to enjoy the view:

I'm a bit of a daredevil, and I like to explore...Jeff doesn't really appreciate my appetite for "dangerous" adventures, but he let me climb through this opening and take Wyatt with me so we could see what was on the other side...

I love the steep drop and the breath-taking sights...

On our way back to the car, we noticed a plethora of lizards...we caught a few, this one wasn't lucky enough to keep his tail though...

I even caught one! I was mostly pleased, except for when it wanted to dive into my shirt...that's when Wyatt got to hold him...

It was a short trip, but totally worth the time.
I can't wait to go back!!

to be continued...

As soon as I locate some extra time (it seems to be difficult these days) I will post more about this picture.

Just know they are the cutest, cleanest, rosy-cheeked boys who'd just returned from a fun camping trip :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

we pretend to live in the country.

Sometimes I think Jeff thinks I'm crazy.
Which, I suppose, is likely some of the time, so I guess it's not an unusual thought.

But you should have seen the look he gave me when I asked to go on a walk down by the cornfield...it was almost as if he didn't understand the question at all, like, Who would even do that??

Well, me.

Anyway, where we live, our house is located on the outskirts of Gilbert and we still have a lot of farmland surrounding us. The field right behind us (and most of the other fields too) switches from alfalfa to corn and they just planted corn a few weeks ago. It's already started to come up and I can't wait to take Wyatt back when it's taller than we are.

And even though Jeff wasn't very thrilled of my idea for a walk, the weather was beautiful and he eventually decided it was enjoyable (even jumping the canal to prove how amazing he is).

Chasing after Daddy