Friday, September 18, 2009

currently loving...

Things that I currently LOVE:

Materniy Jeans.
Oh hello. Where the heck have I been the past 7 and a half months??! I can finally breathe.
And the baby can move.

Fresh Pineapple.
1. It's yellow 2. It's juicy 3. It's super freaking delicious

Ice Cubes...preferably CRUSHED.
It might be that I'm anemic. It might be that I'm super hot. It might be that it's better than drinking plain water all the time. Whatever it is...I might be addicted.

Bath & Body Works: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. of my nose...I wish you were available year round...

Once again... Yellow flesh. Juicy. Incredibly amazing.

TV Shows: Chopped, Project Runway, and Top Chef.
Must watch. Every Tuesday at 10, Wednesday at 10, and Thursday at 10.
Be there.

Um. Really? Who doesn't love love love LOVE sleep??
...because I do. Immensely. Sometimes I don't wake up until noon.
Gimme a break. I'm making a baby here.

Marshmallow Mateys.
I know. Weird. But Jeff just introduced me to these a few weeks ago.
True story: We bought them...and 3 days later they were gone.
Have you seen how big those bags are?!!?!
Wow. Yummy in my tummy.

We can't forget my one true love, of course...


He wins above all.



danielle said...

1. He can't win above me.
and 2.
"He wins above all" reminds me of a latenight paper you once tried to write and you explained to me that "The king was the most high in all the world!"
3. <3

Andrea said...

tickle queen:

i hear maternity jeans are miracles. embrace the term maternity! :)

i love sleep...i wish i got more of it.

my fav bath and body works sent is the christmas line...there is an orange one that sprouted this best quote ever : "i want to drink my hands..."

and i love that you love jeff above all else. things are as they should be :)

Noelle said...

oh. I love me some sweet cinnamon pumpkin. You have converted me, it was really easy, I just had never seen it before we went this week. And I can't believe you never heard of marshmallow matey's before last week, you've eaten them at my house silly...

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

stealerrrr. You stole my idea for this post :)

It's fun huh!?

Susan said...

Glad that you finally have some maternity jeans. They are truly the best of both worlds. :)
Wish that I could have been there this past weekend for the big fun party. I hope you enjoyed and that you got lots of stuff that you needed. Love you!