Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July

It's been a little crazy this summer, with vacations and training for work, so these pictures are actually back from our 4th of July getaway camping trip to Wood Canyon Lake...we went up for that weekend and spent Saturday night at the Taylor rodeo, per tradition, and had a blast...I didn't get any pictures of the rodeo unfortunately, but it was great.

Here's a little overview of how the weekend went:

Wyatt is ALWAYS in the kitchen, no matter where he goes...

Wyatt and Daddy riding up front...just a short trip down to the lake to go fishing! and canoeing, that is...
Wyatt wasn't so excited to put the life jacket was nap time.
Naptime, indeed...he fell asleep 10 minutes after we got in the canoe. It was a nice little ride anyway...probably because I didn't have to paddle!!

Group shot of the girls!! No hair or make-up done! Well...I guess that's just me.

Bright and early, eating a muffin...Wyatt's favorite pasttime. It was chocolate--can you tell?
 He and Lilly like to share:

Exploring the woods around us...with cousin Jacob. (PS, there were TONS of chipmunks around!!)

Taking a ride in the hammock...we later fell asleep together...and got sunburnt.

Another trip down the to lake and we saw 2 bald eagles! They were fishing too! And did a lot better than the boys did, haha...!


It was a really good trip...lots of relaxing and eating and POURING RAIN and thunder...
...a great escape...


Fiery Jack said...

Amazing that you saw those bald eagles! I'm jealous.

Brea said...

that look so fun.. I miss AZ pine trees!