Thursday, August 4, 2011


definition of my life right now.
Not that I've really got a whole lot going on, but...I just don't have time! I feel like I've always got something going on or something to do know, I have a child to run after.

Anyway, this last weekend Jeff, Wyatt and I were able to take a very last minute trip up to Utah...last minute, as in we planned to go the day before we left. My sister, Grace, had just gotten engaged (whaaaaaat?? more to come...), and my grandparent's had just sold their home of 40 years, which is basically the home I grew up in during the summer vacations we spent there each year. So since I'd never be able to go back again, I felt like I needed to make one last trip (and my family was planning on taking the trip anyway to pick up Grace from school...) So yes. We went. And loved every second. We lounged, and played games, helped my grandparent's move, ate good food, met THE MAN, picked raspberries, and enjoyed the weather.


And then I had to come home. I will miss that place dearly.

While we were there, during a small window while it wasn't pouring rain, we decided to take some pictures at Mac park...Wyatt wasn't cooperating so much...

It's still strange to me we'll be adding another member to this family...what's that? You didn't know I was pregnant??
Official announcement: I'm 15 weeks.
(and still feeling sick, bleh. Makes sense now, the neglect of this blog, eh?)
We're defintely excited though and can't wait to meet baby #2 in January!

And this is the adoring couple...awwww!

They met at school, of course...well, I guess technically she met him through their mutual friends...her roomate is freinds with his roomate...his name is James and we all met for this first time during this trip. They were ENGAGED before ANY of US had even MET him. Hahaha, good times. He did talk to my dad over the phone before proposing anyway, he's super nice and has some guts for being willing to spend a few days with us nuts...I can't wait to see him more often and get to know him better. Congratulations little sister!

And on a random note, Wyatt loved these crazy balls...

...oh, and he also has a thing for hats at the moment...


Verity Kae said...

Ahh!! Rawcooool!!! Congratulations to you and Jeff and especially for Wyatt to be a big brother!!! I'm so excited for you! You're the hottest pregnant lady I've ever seen. The end!

QueenBee said...

Congratulations!! And I think it's awesome the Wyatt likes those fuzzy weird rubber balls- they scare the crap out of Curtis! ba ha ha