Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Can you believe it?
I saw these girls TWICE within a week...
That never happens.

The first night we had a few more of us than usual, Audrey was in town and brought her daughter Kelsey...and then we were also joined by some other small children, Abbi and Austin.
It felt super weird to not have any kids with me, and I almost felt left out of the mommy-brigade parade (each equipped with their own carseat and stroller combo), but then reality hit, and I was glad I was able to enjoy a moment of "me time." Plus, I got to hold the newest member of our clan all through dinner, so my baby-hunger was satisfied. ☺ 

The second night was craft-centered--uncontrollable laughter, snacks, and secrets included.

I was a bum and decided to do something different than what was originally planned...and although I love how my autumn ball turned out, I now really want what they made. Next time, next time...

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