Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunday is a Fun-day. Sometimes.

Sundays are a little rough for us.
Church is at 12 o'clock this year...
...which, for our household, is lunchtime and naptime.
And to have to deal with not one, but TWO, cranky, hungry, tired boys is almost more than I can handle sometimes. Jeff and I haven't sat through an entire meeting this whole year.
Logan went to nursery.
We've FINALLY come to a routine that works almost half the time. We try to have a later breakfast, and try to make it big--you know, pancakes, waffles, french toast, WHATEVER to stuff them FULL.
(Of course, as soon as church starts though, they act like they're STARVING.)
We try our best to distract the boys and keep them happy through the first part of sacrament meeting (and this is always the hardest part), but we aren't always successful. As soon as the sacrament is over, Logan is usually already asleep, or REALLY ready for a nap. Wyatt gets a snack to hold him over through Primary, and keeps quiet reading his books or coloring. We wake Logan up just before sacrament meeting ends, put him in nursery where he flourishes (and has yet to notice our lack of presence--it's been a month already), and then head off to our classes.
NOW...if only I could master how to handle Wyatt's crazy behavior as his Sunbeam teacher...

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