Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer has finally let's start at the beginning!!

This has been the summer to top all summers.

Since my sister's graduation, the mark of the beginning of summer vacation, and up until a day after the new school year had started, I have only been AT HOME a total of THREE WEEKENDS (plus a few days in between). 


Take that in...

And so naturally I've been recovering by going NOWHERE and doing NOTHING.
It's been two weeks since we've come home, and I'm finally feeling the cabin fever. I need to get out of the house, I need to do something, I should probably update my blog.

That was my thought process, anyway.

So here I am again, with a renewed determination to blog more often, and at least TRY to document this summer's activities. It's kind of a lot. Hopefully you don't get lost. 

And before I even start, I have to mention again how grateful I am that Jeff can support us on his job alone. I haven't been able to have this much fun, and travel so often since before I had a steady job, when I was in high school. And even then, I didn't do as much. I guess I had 9 years of vacationing I needed to catch up on this summer...

So anyway, I'm starting off with what started off summer--Emma's graduation. She had an absurd amount of ceremonies to attend (she graduated from EVIT...that was pretty much the only extra ceremony, haha), but I went willingly. Emma has been the most responsible and most accomplished of any of the siblings so far, and I measure that fact from the following: she has her own car, has a steady job of two years, and already has her CNA license. Way to go Emma...we love you!

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