Friday, March 19, 2010


Okay, so first, this is sort of a random picture to this post, but Wyatt and I went to the zoo with my family today, and before my camera decided to go on the fritz, I was able to take this picture...
...notice anything odd?
We all thought it was funny that a goose was trying to be a flamigo...he was even standing on one leg! :)
ANYWAY, to move on with this post...I GOT MAIL!! I love getting mail!! Well, more specifically, I guess I love receiving packages (I don't love receiving bills, which unfortunately taints the mail-loving process...)
Can anyone guess what I received? I've only been waiting for this to come for 5 weeks...

Yes!! I received Wyatt's hand and foot impressions! And it turned out fabulously! The lighting doesn't do the color of the star justice, but it's a beautiful purpleish blue (also known as periwinkle...)

I love how the impressions came out so detailed...if you look at it long enough, it seems to change from being an imprint to the opposite--his hand and foot look like they're popping out! Can you see it?

This will be the final resting place:

If you're interested at all about getting an imprint done, or if you want to see some other examples of her work, you can go here. I really love how it turned out! Thanks Mom for getting it for Wyatt!


Shannon said...

it turned out so cute!!!! she does such a good job! can't wait to get Lilly's done, i'm thinking I'll do a hot pink heart!

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

That is so neat! You should have shown me last night when we were over! So sweet :)

Susan said...

I love it! It is so cute. I love the little hand and feet prints that we have around here. So fun to remember just how small they were.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

That is amazing. I love that it has his name too. And I agree with you that it looks raised instead of indented. The second photo shows it more as a blueish color.