Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This past weekend was the Downs' Reunion. We drove up to Roosevelt lake Friday night, where we stayed in a cozy cabin just off the lake...
The weather was absolutely beautiful and the next morning the whole family took a hike up to some ancient Indian ruins...Jeff and I don't have a carrier for Wyatt, so we got to hold him the entire time. Thankfully we had lots of helping hands...and he doesn't weigh very much yet.
Wyatt was asleep for most of the hike, which made things easier...here's Grandma Downs!

You can kind of see the cave where the ruins were built...

Inside the ruins...

A view from inside looking out

I like that you can't see Wyatt, haha
(and that Jeff is blinking...)

Wyatt wasn't used to so much bright sun!! We had to put a hat on his bald head, plus some sunblock, just in case...

Who's that lady?? It's a 7 month pregnant Shannon...and Matt carrying Jacob!

Another family shot...

Oooooh Wyatt, how I love you.

Besides experiencing his first hike in the blaring sun, Wyatt also experinced some rain!
And a rainbow!!

Wyatt and daddy had fun together!

He also enjoyed sleeping with us in the sleeping bags!

Look at the cuties in their jammies!! This is Wyatt with his only cousin, Jacob!

Grandma and Wyatt chillin in the jammies.

Here's a group shot of alllll the family! We really appreciated this relaxing getaway...

In other news...I made another wreath.
I pretty much love it.

And also...
Wyatt found his feet!!!!

I love how he grabs his legs in an attempt to bring his feet closer to him, haha!

I'm going to bed now.
The end.


Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Oh my gosh! With the hat on I could totally see Ben in Wyatt's face. He is such a cutie! I like the family shot of you on that path with all the cactus.

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

So cute! You have the cutest little family!

That wreath is very cute! Great job!

Rachael, you need to EMAIL me :) I don't have your email, and you left a comment on my blog, and it wont let me reply to you from the comment. jen.justforrachel@gmail.com Thanks!