Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sedona, part 3

These are just a few shots of the cabin we stayed in. It wasn't the fanciest place ever, but it had a nice rustic appeal, and that was appreciated. My favorite room in the house was the Arizona room, and we had all our meals out there with the breeze.

The only reason we were ever inside was to play games, eat, or nap.

Awww ;)
And this was our view from the Arizona room, or any of the back porches...

At night we stayed up way too late and played card games...Amy, Tim and James also taught us our new addiction: Mafia. I think we stayed up until 2am one morning just occupying ourselves with that one, haha! 
(Jeff kept being accused of being the Mafia because he is Italian...turns out they were right most of the time, haha!)

One day a bird got caught in the Arizona room and Tim caught it...and then gave it to Wyatt.

He was pretty thrilled.

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