Saturday, December 21, 2013


This year, since we're spending Christmas day with my family, the Downses celebrated together by taking a trip up to the Rim to play in the snow. We weren't sure if there would even be any snow, but we took a chance and we came up lucky. We were hit with rain for most of the trip up, and then right outside Payson the rain turned into snow! The rest of the way up we traveled slow since it was snowing harder towards the top, and we almost made it to the top without any accidents...
(And don't worry, no one and nothing was injured--my snow-driving knowledge is next to nothing, and I broke "hard," instead of tapping my brakes to stop, which resulted in our car almost skidding into the suburban. Thankfully the traffic was minimal and I was able to swerve out and around them, but it was definitely a close call. And while I was freaking out on the inside, Jeff was going crazy in my ear, haha! Oops!)

As soon as we got out the boys were IN HEAVEN! Wyatt was asking about the snow the whole ride up ("Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Is that snow??" repeated a thousand times.) Logan, who wouldn't remember his last experience with snow, was fascinated.

There were only a few inches, but it was more than enough to have a good time.

Sledding was the highlight of the trip...

...but it only lasted for a half an hour before Wyatt and Logan became too cold...
...and decided they hated the snow.

Grandma had come prepared with hot chocolate and hand warmers, and as soon as we'd stripped the boys down, out of their wet clothes, and tucked them in...
...Logan was OUT.

Wyatt...not so much.

And then, after we'd made it back home safe and sound, we prepared our homemade ravioli dinner, and opened our presents in the meantime.

As Jeff had said on our way home, NOW it feels like Christmas is coming.
Only 3 more days!!

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Merkley Jiating said...

I love the snow pictures! It looks so fun!