Friday, December 13, 2013

Wyatt's Words, fourth edition

Wyatt is constantly saying funny things, I just haven't been able to write them down like I should. So here's to doing better...

I don't wake up until Wyatt comes to wake me up. He usually crawls into bed with me and cuddles for a while before he tries to convince me that Logan is awake and I need to get him out of his crib (even though Logan's still asleep) One morning though, when that tactic didn't work, this is what he said:
W: Mom! MOM!! Get up!
Me: grumble, mumble...
W: (gets off the bed, walks over to the blinds and opens them) MOM! It's time to get up! The sun is in!
Me: ...yes, I supposed that's one way to look at it...

During one of his prayers:
Me: (whispering to him to repeat) ...and please bless Daddy that--
W: And please bless Daddy and Mommy and Logan will be nice to me and not get mad...
Me: (whispering to him to repeat) Please bless that I will be obedient...

This situation wasn't very funny as it was happening, and Wyatt did end up getting in trouble for lying and getting into something without asking, but as time passed I was able to see the humor in it. Not that I'll ever let Wyatt know, haha :) I was watching a movie with the boys, and I had turned away for a moment, checking Instagram. When I looked up I realized Wyatt wasn't there...
Me: Wyatt? (paused to listen for a response, but got none) Wyatt, where are you?? (still no response, so I knew something was up)
Me: (headed downstairs) Wyatt? Answer me, Wyatt, where are you??
W: (whimpers like he knows he's in trouble)
Me: Wyatt, what are you doing down here?
W: I had to wash my hands!!
Me: Why do you need to be down here to wash your hands? What are you doing??
W: I wasn't eating a doughnut.
Me: You ate the doughnuts?! (We'd bought doughnuts the day before, and I knew there were still a few left, so I checked the box, and there were none left)
W: No, I didn't!
Me: Well then why is the box empty? Did you eat the doughnuts??
W: ...yes.
I then proceeded to discover his stash of half-eaten doughnuts under the table...why my kids think that's a sneaky hiding place, I'll never know, but anytime they are doing something the shouldn't, they hide there. Also, I really wouldn't have figured out what had happened until much later, except he told me what he "wasn't" doing, and that he needed to wash his hands (because they were sticky). Growing up I always thought my mom knew everything, but I guess it wasn't as much that, as it was that I probably gave the biggest clues to EVERYTHING I did wrong, haha! Live and learn!

Wyatt is in the "Why?" phase, and I learned the truth behind it all...
(pulling into a gas station)
W: What are we doing?
Me: I need to fill the car up with gas.
W: Why?
Me: Because gas is what makes the car go.
W: Why?
Me: (exasperated) What do you mean, "why??"!!
W: (shrugged) I just wanted to say "why."

Last Sunday, while at my parent's for dinner, Wyatt had his back turned and was being suspicious over by the computer, a place where he can get into a lot of trouble...
Me: Wyatt! What are you doing?
W: (turned around and said, very matter-of-fact) I'm picking my nose.
Me: (caught off guard)...what?! Get you finger out of your nose!!!
Opa: Wyatt, what did you find in your nose?
W: Boogers.
Me: ...ugh.

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