Tuesday, January 21, 2014

catch up on Instagram

It's been a while, but here was my instagram around Christmas-time!

Emma and I made brownies with chocolate chip cookies on top--they were divine.

I also celebrated my first year with Instagram! And my first picture was the same as my one-year-mark picture! Crazy!

I found RoosVicee at The House of Rice and the boys and I have loved using it on top of our breakfasts.

My little gansta.

We loved our real Christmas tree!

I hate doing my hair, and whenever I can let it down, I DO.

I thought it was funny that he included an umbrella on this bad guy's helicopter/airplane.

Logan is my stingy smiler, except for right after he wakes up from his naps.

This is why toys are banned from my room. I find hidden daggers (LEGOS) after I roll onto them and they stab me.

An old picture of my dad, great-grandmother, and I, circa 1995, the Netherlands.

Our snow day was SO much fun...

Christmas Day!!

One of my favorite gifts from my sweetheart!
(He bought me my first bottle before we were engaged, as my first Christmas present 7 years ago)

Sunday Christmas outfits!

The boys wearing their presents from great-grandma Edwards. They could NOT stop "wow-ing" them! 
Early morning church works wonders on these boys! We were home just after 11am!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to read more books. I've finished this one already, and it was a total tear-jerker.


Andrea said...

super cute!!! haha i love the picture of you and jeff sledding. such joy! :)

Holly Decker said...

you make me miss instagram like CRAZY. but man alive was i addicted to that thing. love these shots!