Monday, January 20, 2014


I found this on my Dad's camera as I was looking through the pictures for something else. It wasn't taken very long ago, but I had already forgotten about it. 
Oh, how I love my boys (and I include my Eli as one of mine, haha). 
Motherhood is tough though. 
It's not simple or easy in any way, shape or form.
There is never an easy day.
They are time-consuming.
And messy.
And just thinking about trying to raise them to be good, smart men in this horribly wicked world gives me major anxiety.
But I love them, and I love my job of being their mom.
And I wouldn't give it up for ANYTHING.


Andrea said...

Oh my heck. your kids are so stinking cute!!! and PS in case you were look really good with 3 kids! ;) love you tickle queen!

Holly Decker said...

they are beyond lucky to have you. you are adorable and i love this post. amen.