Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a NEW year!!

HAPPY New Year!!
...well, I'm only 9 days off.

So, technically, still new...

ANYWAY, life in general has been pretty busy around here lately, what with new Christmas presents abounding and the concept of sharing having to be RE-learned.
Yes, RE-learned.
New toys bring out the worst in my kids because they only want to play with what the other one has in his hands. I mean, it's not like they don't have MORE than enough new things to keep them each occupied for days...right?? Yeah, they don't know what I'm talking about either.

So anyway, back to the NEW YEAR...
...on New Year's Eve we had the Van Capelle fondue night and ate waaaay too much. We barely made it to midnight by playing games to keep us occupied...and then most of us crashed. There were 3 of us who actually stayed up until 6am playing new games on the Wii U...I will openly admit to not using my brain on that one, but thankfully Jeff let me sleep in the next morning. 

We also let off some fireworks!

It freaked out the boys in the beginning, but they soon got over that and became little wannabe pyromaniacs...

(there was so much smoke!)

 It was a good night.

The next morning, where do you think my boys went, first thing?!
To the trampoline Opa got them for Christmas!
 (I'm not sure it's for the boys specifically, but they're the ones who initiate most of the play-time)

This last year was full of growth and happiness and contentment. It feels like 2013 flew by, and when I review my favorite moments I can't believe how long ago it really has been. 
Here are my 2013 highlights:
  • We celebrated lots of birthdays! Jeff turned 28, I turned 25, Wyatt turned 4 and Logan celebrated the BIG NUMBER ONE!!
  • Jeff and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary and took a mini-vacation to Utah without our boys! It was the first time we'd ever flown together on an airplane and the first time we'd ever left both boys for an extended weekend.
  • Wyatt became a Sunbeam and Logan started Nursery!
  • We went camping A LOT. And we loved every single bit of it. We went in April by ourselves when the camping season had just started, when went to SEDONA on our first (now to be annual) trip with my family for Memorial Day weekend, we went to Fool Hollow Lake with Jeff's family, and to the Mogollon Rim with both our families for our 4th of July weekend.
  • I gained another nephew, ELI! FINALLY another grandchild on my side of the family!!
  • I found out I'll be gaining another NIECE!
  • Logan started walking!
  • Jeff was promoted to a new position at work!
Overall, we truly had a blessed year, and we are so thankful for all that we have.
I look forward to making new memories this New Year, and here's hoping it's even better than the last!!

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Umm. Who's having a girl? I thought Meaghan's baby is a boy?

I agree that 2013 flew by. I like your highlight list.