Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Most Magical Party EVER.

We have an ongoing inside joke in my family and it has to do with Ben and unicorns. Or rather, Ben as a unicorn. Anyway, Ben used to style his hair in a way that would create a centered spike towards the front of his hairline--he probably wanted a mohawk-type look, but it ended up resembling a unicorn horn. And I ran with it. I'm sure he didn't like my teasing so much at first (in fact, at all), but what are older sisters for? It's not like I have the strength to beat him up, so I have to get at him somehow, right?? He eventually changed his hairstyle, but the joke continued on. Anything unicorn would be referenced to Ben. Unicorns would be brought up specifically to talk about Ben. There was even a story about how Ben died by being tempted by a stranger to look in his van filled with magical unicorns.

So obviously we had to throw him a surprise unicorn party for his 16th birthday.

We told everyone to buy Ben a unicorn-themed gag gift, Grace and I made a unicorn cake, and we purchased a unicorn pinata for Ben to take out his inner-unicorn-frustrations on.

It was truly magical.

Especially since he had no clue what was happening.

Only after opening the first few gifts did he realize the theme...

...and he was more than happy to pulverize the pinata.

Ben, Unicorn Slayer.

Posing him with all his gifts, and if you need some help identifying them, here's what they are:
the white unicorn head is on a stick to ride, he got a pink stuffed unicorn, a purple unicorn pillow pet, a unicorn puzzle, and a can of unicorn meat, complete with a list of the nutritional values--probably the best one there.

This was the sign I made up to describe him every time I saw him with his unicorn hairstyle...

It was awesome. I love you Ben!!
(And PS, I can't believe he's 16!!! WHAT?!)

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Ben is such a good sport.

It is nuts that he is so old.

also, great job on that cake. Such creative gals, you Van Capelle's.