Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The anticipation is killing me.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.
He's due tomorrow and I haven't had one sign of labor! I'm going CRAZY!!

I've tried everything:
I went for a nice looooooong walk.
I used the exercise ball.
Jeff man-handled some pressure points.
My entire house is clean. Even the STAIRS. (It's a HUGE feat. Don't ask.)
The baby's room is all done. (Except the chair railing. Don't ask.)
I ate some spicy food.
I participated in the unmentionable.
I was going to buy some black cohosh, and then realized I was too poor. (It's the thought that counts, right? Maybe not...)

He's so stubborn. (Just like Mom. And Dad. Oh crap.)

Why won't he come already!!?

I guess I can't really complain until after tomorrow.
I just thought I'd get a head start, since I can already tell he's going to be difficult.



Beary Bee said...

Oh Rachael. I am so sorry! Mine came 5 weeks early so I can't even imagine! But I think it's hilarious that you did all that stuff!! Maybe you should just start telling him that he'll be grounded if he doesn't come out soon! lol

Jen Western said...

Seriously?! That went by so fast...well at least it seems that way to me :). I hope you are at the hospital right now :). Oh, and I LOVE that you cleaned your house, that is really one thing I know for sure that has to happen before I have a baby! It will feel so nice for you to come home to a clean house :) And then you will get all the caserole you can handle!

Noelle said...

Maybe your mom jinxed him to be as stubborn as you....? hahaha just kidding. Can't wait to come visit you and teh new baby in the hospital =)