Monday, January 4, 2010

Utah Trip 2009-2010

Jeff and I and Wyatt were able to take a trip up to Smithfield, Utah to visit my family for Christmas/New Years. The next 8 posts are all from the trip, so take a look at all our adventures!

Jeff was a little worried about what the travel conditions would be like, since my grandparents live in northern Utah in the snowy mountains. Thankfully, on the way up, all the roads we traveled on were clear and dry. On the way back home to Arizona, however, the roads were a little less pleasant due to the recently fallen snow, but we survived! At least Jeff can now say he's driven in snow!

Here's a picture from on the way up...typical Utah, with a chuch house right off the freeway!

We were also a little worried about how Wyatt would react to being in a carseat for 13+ hours. He did fantastic!! He slept almost the whole ride up! The only downside was that it messed up his sleep schedule...oh well! We were so relieved!!
The day after we arrived, all the family got together for the delayed Christmas party/birthday party for Emma and uncle Bill. We had tons of great food and had fun playing games with each other. It was especially fun to play the left/right game where everyone sits in a circle and passes a gift left or right depending on which word is said during a story. The funniest part though was when everyone opened their gifts, we all traded with one another until we all got what we wanted...

We also played Rockband on the are some shots of us rocking out...

Here's crazy Ben with cousin Meg

And the 'grown-ups' catching up

Emma, me, and Grace


Curtis and Dani Welton said...

Wow so many posts! It looks like everyone had a fun time!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I have cousins in smithfield.....WOW small world. Its such a small town.
BTW you look Fantastic. just saying.

Noelle said...

You have one super cute baby, and one hot mama guitar. hahaha

Jill said...

are you seriously that skinny after having a baby just 2 months ago? My last baby was 4 1/2 years ago and I'm still working on losing the weight... :P

He is super cute though :)

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...'s my fisrt kid!! I'm sure I'll pack on the pounds as more of them come along, haha :) But thanks for the compliment!