Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My chunky monkey

Wyatt is going to be 5 months on Friday, and I've started to notice that he's beginning to show interest in MY food, haha! He usually doesn't sit at the table with us anymore because he grabs for our plates...but recently, if he has been in my lap, I've started bringing my fork or spoon to his mouth--and he opens it expecting me to feed him!! It's so funny and amazing how babies just know what to do...it just comes naturally! Anyway, I've started letting him nibble on different things at the table...I started with a bread crust, and he's now tried broccoli, carrot, cucumber, and little bit of tomato sauce. The other day I was drinking a glass of orange juice and he was SO curious...and I decided to let him try it:
Babies must really pay attention to our every moves, because he acted as if he knew what to do! He grabbed my glass, brought it to his mouth and wanted to swallow something. Now, the actual process of swallowing is still something he hasn't mastered...half of the orange juice ended up on his onesie.

He made the funniest faces because of the sourness....but he kept wanting more, so I guess he must have liked it! Don't worry, I didn't give him very much...and like I said, most of it ended up all over him...it was mostly just a taste :)

I was also eating some Reese's (my absolute favorite) and Wyatt took an interest in the gold foil and bright orange bag:
I know I saw it somewhere! Where'd that dang candy go??
And lastly, the random picture of the post:
This is Wyatt and my stuffed frog. How much fun would it be to have an stuffed animal as big as you are?!


Merkley Jiating said...

Be careful with citrus, my dear. He is getting so big and even cuter, if that is possible!

Shannon said...

so cute! I love that frog...It is kinda crazy how they watch our every move. I was putting some cream on my bug bites and Jacob was watchin and kept saying "ouch" (while pointing at my foot)...I then later found him in my room with the cream and he was putting it on his scrapped knee...haha that is why we must be extra careful in what we say and do, which I'm not.....

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I love his feet in the last picture they are super cute

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

He is so fun. Wyatt always has the best expressions. hahaha

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

No update in a whole week!? Where are you?? haha