Sunday, April 11, 2010

fyi...this is a long post of random cuteness.

So I was going through my parent's camera and found these somewhat recent photos...enjoy!

These are my sibs. Gotta love 'em! We're at the zoo near the Meerkat exhibit...I think this little cave is supposed to represent something...but I can't remember what.

Wyatt had an accident at Oma's house. He had to take a bath in the sink, haha.

New outfit!

On the computer with Opa:

We had a Girl's night (plus Wyatt) when the boys went on a camping trip for the Father/Sons. We dressed up in our jammies and got free dinner at Chik-fil-A!

He tried out a new swing! Really it's old...about 18 years old.

He holds the bottle all by himself!!

On My dad's birthday we gave the wrapping paper to Wyatt...

...he thought it was interesting...

...very interesting...

Our first family picture where Wyatt is actually smiling too! (We had help from Opa, whom he smiles at no matter what!)

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Curtis and Dani Welton said...

Wyatt and the wrapping paper pictures are cuteeee!