Wednesday, November 23, 2011

all they need are aprons...

The other night, Jeff invited over one of his long-time friends, Jesse, and his wife and baby boy, Stacie and Graham. Jeff had decided that we'd keep it pretty low-key and just play games and hang out. 

Oh, and make dessert.

Unfortunately for him, I wasn't in the baking mood, so I told him I didn't want to make anything, and that I'd just buy some cookie dough at the store (who? ME?? I know, I know...get over it, I'm pregnant.) Jeff INSISTED though that he'd rather make homemade cookies, "Oh, I'll do it! Just make sure we have all the ingredients and a recipe..." 

(...this is where you insert a big eye-roll from me...
...because sooner or later in his baking process I was sure to be a part of it...)

SO, while I was out grocery shopping I just happened to stop by the baking goods isle...and found a mix for key lime bars!! His favorite! How could he possibly resist?
...which, of course, he couldn't...and didn't....

So anyway, while Stacie and I sat in the living room and lounged, the guys baked up a storm of key-lime bars and peanut butter brownies

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