Monday, November 28, 2011


I know I'm a little behind, but Thanksgiving time was a little crazy around here :)
We started off the morning taking Jeff to the Turkey Bowl, the annual tradition he and his friends have, playing tackle football...the ONE time in the year he actually gets to play rough. I never really understood the enjoyment of playing tackle, since Jeff always comes home with some sort of injury, and then he's sore for the next few days, but...he LOVES it. WHATEVER. I went to my parent's house with Wyatt for breakfast and enjoyed one of my favorites--crepes.

Then we headed over to my in-laws and enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast...all the tables were set up outside so we could appreciate the beautiful weather. Jeff left right after dinner to go stand in line at Target...that was at 4pm, and it didn't open until midnight. He's crazy, I know, but he wanted to make sure he got the TV we wanted. Even at 8 hours early, he was number 20 in line, with only 25 TV's...we were lucky to get it! He said it was worth it though...
So while he was standing in line, freezing his butt off with random strangers, I was spending time with family and working up a sweat playing the X-Box sister-in-law, Meaghan, is also pregnant, just a few weeks behind me, so I'm sure it was a funny sight to see the both of us running in place and jumping over "hurdles."
We both decided that if we ever need help going into labor, that we'd just need to play that game. We basically died.

Then when everyone had gone home, and Wyatt was ready for bed, I headed out to join Jeff, and even though I got there a few hours before it opened, the line was HUGE!! It literally took me an hour to get inside the store! Now, granted, they weren't letting everyone in at once--only 30 people at a time every 15 seconds...but still! AN HOUR!! Ridiculous. We got a few other deals there and that ended our black friday shopping. There was NO WAY I was headed anywhere near a mall or a Wal-mart...

...although...we did go to IKEA later that day to get Wyatt's bunk bed! We're just waiting to paint his new room before we put it hopefully in the next few weeks! 

This Thanksgiving break was absolutely wonderful and we enjoyed spending so much time with all our family and friends...hope you all had a good Thanksgiving too!

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