Monday, January 2, 2012

{the new and the old}

On New Year's eve each year, my family always has a fondue dinner together...I guess it stemmed from a tradition my dad had with his family in Holland, and I don't know why I didn't know that before, but he told us at dinner this last time that the "fondue-ing" use to last for HOURS...because it's more of a social event than anything, and everyone gets together to talk and have a good time. 

We didn't really eat for hours, but we always make New Years eve very social, and we stayed up playing games and talking while waiting for the New Year...I love it.

We had the whole gang...thankfully Grace and James hadn't left for Idaho yet, and we were able to squeeze in one more family event :)
Our fondue consists of marinated meats that we fry in oil...accompanied by dips and vegetables and bread and all sorts of good stuff.

Wyatt was in love with this peanut sauce my dad makes to dip bread in... much, that we decided to just put in on his tray and let him do his own dipping, haha!

...working off those calories playing Just Dance on the Wii...!

...toasting the New Year!! With Martinelli's of course!

I'm going to miss these two! Even though their newlywed-ness sickens me at times, haha! Just kidding guys! 

Me and my babies...minus Wyatt...
I can't hardly believe 2011 is gone!!! When I look back at the year, I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude and are some of my highlights from this past year:
  • Wyatt learned to walk!! (Yeah, weird, I the beginning of last year he wasn't walking yet...)
  • I had TWO siblings get married in the temple! And now I've gained TWO siblings that I love...Tim married Amy, and Grace married James!
  • I got pregnant with our second boy!
  • I got promoted twice at work and was able to support our family a little bit better while Jeff finishes school and tries to find a better job
  • Jeff received his Associates Degree
  • Jeff celebrated his 26th birthday, I celebrated my 23rd birthday, and Wyatt celebrated his 2nd birthday
  • Jeff and I celebrated 4 years of marriage!
  • We were able to make 3 trips to Utah to visit my family before my grandparent's moved out of the house I grew up in every summer...
  • I was able to take my first trip to the east coast to visit my best friend Danielle in Rhode Island
  • Wyatt started talking...using REAL words, haha!
And again, these are just a few highlights from this past's to 2012 being even better!!

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wow thanks rachael. i look like a MAN. it's great. really.