Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sooner...not later.

The end is near! I can feel it!! This pregnancy has been a little more rough on me, and not as enjoyable as Wyatt's, and so I'm already anxious to be done...

38 weeks! I had a doctor's appointment today and I'm 2cm dilated and 75% effaced!! Which is further along than I ever got with Wyatt on my own! With Wyatt I was at 1cm dilated and 60% effaced for four weeks...I'm hoping with each week I'll keep progressing! Oh, AND she said he's dropped!! Good news for me!

Also today, after my appointment, I got to go to the hospital to do a Non-Stress Test! Yippee! Not.
My doctor always asks me how he's moving, and usually it's a definite "all over the place, all the time..." but today, I voiced my concern that he hadn't been moving as much the past day and a half. I was actually a little worried last night when I was talking to Jeff about it, because usually I feel a good elbow in my side or some kind of big movement, but I hadn't noticed anything at all yesterday...and when I tried to get him to move, he wouldn't do much. Now, that's not to say that he wasn't moving at all, because he was, just not like normal. So when I told my doctor she told me to head over to the hospital, just to check out his heart rate with the NST. 

Lucky me, within the first 5 minutes the nurse told me he'd already passed the test, but that I'd have to stay the full 20 minutes anyway. BUT, she did try to make me feel a little less dumb by telling me it's better to make sure everything is fine rather than ignore the possibility that it isn't. Ha.

ALSO, since I'm almost done with this pregnancy, I thought I'd do a little recap, like I did with Wyatt...you know, just for fun...

WORKOUT ROUTINE: Wait, I'm supposed to workout? I thought BEING pregnant was a workout in and of itself?? Haha, we'll count running after Wyatt as my workout routine then...

MOST SURPRISING SYMPTOM: Heartburn. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. And it's not like regular heartburn...this is the DEVIL'S heartburn because I'll only get it at night, before I go to bed, or HOURS afterwards and it'll wake me up from a dead sleep. I even get it if I have anything to DRINK before I go to bed. RIDICULOUS. I never had it this bad with Wyatt.

FAVORITE PART: My favorite part is definitely still the sensation of feeling him move. It's weird, and surprising, and sometimes painful, but I love it. I love knowing he's alive inside of me.

MOST TERRIFYING PART: That he'll be late. And then, in turn, be HUMONGOUS. Please, please, please, please be on time (or preferably, EARLY...)

MOST FREQUENT CRAVING: QT crushed ice--heaven in a cup.

MOST ANNOYING SYMPTOM: Stretch marks. Apparently already being stretched out isn't a good enough reason to stay away because those dang stretch marks have come with a vengeance. I only got one with Wyatt, and with this guy...I'd rather not count.

WEIRDEST SYMPTOM: I never had this symptom with Wyatt, and so it's definitely weird to me--round ligament pain. I feel crippled because of it. Every time I wake up in the morning or any time I've been in a singular position for too long, when I get up to move the muscles that hold up my uterus send a burning pain sensation throughout my lower half. It started being super painful around 30 weeks, and now I'm just used to it...but not really.

FUNNIEST MEMORY: Just so you know, this may not be the most appropriate, but we think it's hilarious. When Jeff and I were first trying to tell Wyatt we were having a baby, we would point to my belly and say "baby." At the time, he knew what a baby was, but I'm not sure he quite understood that there was one in my belly. ANYWAY, I think we confused him because now when we ask him where the baby is, there's a 50% chance he'll point to my boobs...which we call boobies...and so the fact that they sound so similar, everything in that general area is a baby--my boobies and my belly.

WEIGHT GAIN: Starting weight: 127lbs Current weight: 159lbs...so that's a difference of...a lot.

And, of course, I have to give credit for this idea to my fellow blogger Emily, since she did all the work! Thanks Em! Hopefully there won't be another belly picture and it'll just be of my newest little one!!

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