Monday, January 30, 2012

Am I done yet?

It's my first day as a mother of two...
(because technically, while my mom was here the week after Logan was born, I never had both of them on my own)

...and here's what I've been up to so far:

  • I woke up to Wyatt wanting to come into my bed and cuddle...a few minutes later, around 7:30am, Logan woke up to be fed
  • I fed Logan and tried to keep Wyatt from smothering him with his over-enthusiastic love
  • Logan fell back asleep right after he was done eating, so I put him back to bed in his crib
  • I turned on Sesame Street for Wyatt while I went downstairs to sterilize some bottles and my breast pump (I decided since I'm still semi-engorged I might as well start up a little supply)
  • I came back upstairs and pumped breast milk
  • I turned off the TV and changed Wyatt's diaper and put clothes on him
  • We were headed downstairs for breakfast when Wyatt decided to yell really loud and woke Logan I went in to get Logan and found that he had soaked through his pajamas, his blanket, the crib sheet and the crib pad (my fault for not changing him before)...SO, I took him out, laid him on a towel on the floor, and pulled off the sheets
  • I then put new sheets and blankets in the crib
  • I gathered all Logan's dirty laundry in one hand, held Logan in the other, and told Wyatt to come downstairs with me, and I started the wash.
  • I put Wyatt in his highchair and gave him a banana to munch on (Logan still in my one arm)
  • I cleaned out one side of the sink so I could start running warm water for Logan's bath
  • I went back upstairs, with Logan, still pee-soaked, and gathered his bath towel, new clothes, a diaper, and wipes
  • I gave Wyatt some dry cereal
  • I undressed Logan, changed his diaper, bathed him, dried him off, put lotion on his body, dressed him and combed his hair
  • I fed Logan again, while Wyatt made a crumby mess...and pooped.
  • Logan fell back asleep and I walked back upstairs to put him in his crib
  • I walked back downstairs, swept the floor around Wyatt, pulled him out of his highchair, and washed his hands and face
  • I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it (I thought I might as well since I was still downstairs and Wyatt loves it)
  • I went back upstairs and changed Wyatt's diaper (I foresee potty-training in near future?)
  • I folded his clean laundry that had been sitting there for a few days
  • I went back downstairs to make myself some oatmeal, and left Wyatt in his room, playing with toys
  • While the oatmeal was cooling, I got the laundry out of the washing machine and separated it (some goes in the dryer, some doesn't)
  • Wyatt had come back downstairs at this point (I think he smelled my oatmeal) and he sat in my lap while we ate it together
  • I went back upstairs and hung up the wet laundry to dry
It's now only noon, and I feel like the day should be over. It's not like this every day, right??

Am I done yet? Nope, not for another 20 years...


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

WOW! You are amazing.

Merkley Jiating said...

It sounds like you are doing a great job!

Grace said...

You go woman.