Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas ligthts at the Temple

I love that Wyatt is actually understanding Christmas this year.

One night as we were driving around places, he kept seeing all the Christmas lights and was begging to stop and look at them.
I told him we would go see the Temple lights in a few days, and that's all he asked for the whole ride home,
"Can we go to the Temple??"

So, as promised, we stopped by the Temple for FHE last night...
...and it never disappoints.

Trying to "catch" the icicle drips...

the lights were far more entertaining than the camera...

We also stopped by the manger scene and I got to stop for a second and point out the baby Jesus and the star and all the other little things to Wyatt...I'm pretty sure he doesn't really understand that part yet, but at least we got to talk about it :)

We all had fun, and Wyatt was extremely disappointed when we left
(read that: he threw a fit). 
So Jeff promised him we'd come again...
...and that's fine by me!

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