Monday, February 18, 2013

he's done!

So I mentioned a while ago that Jeff graduated with his Bachelor's degree...
Being excited is an understatement--we are beyond THRILLED. Jeff has worked so hard to achieve this goal, and I am incredibly proud of him. I'm so thankful for the effort and concentration he has placed into his schooling and for the responsibility he took to complete his degrees. He is amazing. 

Congratulations Jeffrey!

...and I guess it's not really official until he gets his diploma, which he just received!!

(showing off both degrees)

The most expensive piece of paper EVER.
The boys were excited for Daddy too...?

Both boys were being CRAZY rambunctious for pictures...I attribute it to their lack of nap-time...
 ...but I couldn't help and post their silly little faces...
(I'm sorry mine got in the way!!)

Anyway, we've got a graduate in the house and we're super anxious for what's ahead. Jeff is currently creating his resume (because he's only ever worked at one place) and eventually will start applying at different places...he's a little torn about where or what he should apply for, but I think I'll just tell him to apply to them all ;) We'll keep you updated!

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