Thursday, February 14, 2013

{valentines day}

Hey guess what?!

I figured since it was a holiday, and a love holiday at that, I should probably blog...'s a good excuse, right??

I know I've kinda been MIA lately, but that's pretty much how I've been feeling. My brain has had a hard time functioning lately--I blame it on the lack of sleep and the constant sickness that has been passing through our family. And really, the more I talk to people, it seems like this year's cold/flu or-whatever-it-is has had this reputation of "making the rounds."

Someone will get sick, who then will get someone else sick, until EVERYONE has been sick...and THEN, just when we've all recovered, the process starts ALL over again.
I thought being a mother to a newborn was hard, but this takes it to a new level...
...I'm so tired.


So to sum up recent activities: Wyatt and Logan both had horrible coughs and runny noses for about a week...then Wyatt got a fever, who gave it to Logan, who gave it to Jeff, who gave it to me. We got better. My runny/stuffed up nose never really went away though, so the boys got it again. We got better. Then Wyatt threw up in our bed one night, and I got another fever. And now we're better again.
I've got to say this has been one of the worst winters I've experienced, and I don't want to say I'm ready for the summer, but I'm definitely ready to move on from the illness.

And speaking of moving on...
...let's discuss some of the few pictures I've been able to take lately...

Church this year starts at noon.
It's the absolute WORST time to start church.
Noon is naptime.
No naptime equals cranky babies.
And we all know cranky babies do not meld with a 3 hour church schedule.

SO...we've tried putting them down before church, but only Logan will actually fall asleep...
...and Logan isn't really the one we're worried about since we can put him to sleep during church at any time...'s my poor, poor sunbeam...little Wyatt.
And honestly, I actually feel worse for his teachers...
The first week was a little rough in Primary, not because he screamed or cried when we left, but because, "OH, by the way, he hasn't napped."
And a Wyatt who hasn't napped makes life just a little extra difficult.
But thankfully his teachers are incredibly patient and understanding, and he really does well with them, so he's been getting much better as he's learned what he needs to do (like sitting still, and listening, and being nice...)

So this picture was supposed to show off their new Sunday clothes...but we were all a little sick, and a lot tired, and not in the mood for cooperating.
Hence the faces:
(this is the best and last shot of, like, 10)

This picture was from the other day...
While I was doing a load of laundry downstairs, I left Logan with a bottle on the bed, and Wyatt with his toys on the floor...when i came back up a few minutes later, Wyatt was curled up next to Logan and reading a book to him. It melted my heart.

I sure do love being a mom...
...and I love loving them...

...even if they are crazy little monkeys...

And then of course, since it is LOVE day... could I possibly forget my LOVE?!

...this is what our faces look like most of the time we try to take a picture together...

Jeff has been so cute while I've been sick these last couple of weeks...
...I'll never EVER forget the text he sent me that said:
"Rachael, you need your rest. Take a nap while the boys are napping and I'll do you chores when I get home."
Ladies, be jealous.
He totally took care of my every need and was selfless in every way.
(It almost made being sick desirable, but...naaaaah.)
He is seriously the cutest, funniest, bestest friend ever.
And I'm glad he's mine.
I love you Jeffy-poo.

And now loves, it's time for me to end this novel.
 Enjoy your sweethearts and sweetbabes this Valentine's Day, and be sure to share the LOVE!!

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