Monday, July 8, 2013

{the weekend of the fourth}

If you haven't seen enough camping pictures, let me entertain you with some more.
I was raised in a family that enjoys camping trips, and I married into one that loves it just as much.
So you add that together and it means we go camping...A LOT.
And we never complain.

So this last weekend's trip was our annual 4th of July/Taylor Rodeo camping trip with the Downses. This year, though, my family was invited to join us! 
We occupied three different camping sites, all adjoining, and had a marvelous time enjoying our 4-day getaway. 
We kept it simple, and had fun being lazy (well, as lazy as you can get with 2 kids...)

I only took pictures from a few of the times I actually brought my camera out...
...the first time was when I took Wyatt canoeing with uncle Ben and Lukas!

Wyatt and I were sandwiched in the middle, but we didn't mind since we didn't have to paddle, haha!
(I take that back...Wyatt really did wish he could have used the oars!)

We all decided to be a little adventurous...

(I was standing on the tree stump just under the surface of the water, and it was very slippery...)

We also stopped to explore a little...

(they climbed to the top too...)

Back at camp, the hammocks were the favorite spot (all three of them...)

We also had a plethora of animal life in our camp, and besides the dog and kittens my family brought, we saw squirrels, chipmunks, ravens, bluejays and ELK!!

And since we camped at the Aspen campground, I really wanted "hike" the Rim Walk, which was only a few miles away.
(Wyatt would have been in this picture, but he was being cranky)

The second and third days brought rainy weather, which we didn't mind so much...

...until it threatened to rain on our rodeo.
But thankfully the show went on and we only had to endure a drizzle for the first half hour...

The fireworks were beautiful and we made it back safely to camp, where, the next day we packed everything up and left for home. This was the last family camping trip of the year, and so unless Jeff and I take the boys another time, we'll have to wait until next year...
...I hope we go again, because I love it.

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